OMG, McDonald's Durian McFlurry Is Finally Coming Back!

This is not a drill!

Cover image via Instagram

Remember the super creamy and extremely popular Durian McFlurry that McDonald's blessed us with last year?

The limited edition dessert was so well-received it actually sold out in less than a week!

Back then, McDonald's promised that they will be bringing the Durian McFlurry back this year. True to their word, the much-coveted dessert is finally coming back this week!

Mark your calendars for this Thursday, 14 June as the Durian McFlurry with real D24 flesh returns to where it has always belonged - our tummies

Brb getting ready to head to our nearest McDonald's before it's sold out again. :p

As we wait for the Durian McFlurry's long-anticipated return, may we point you to this teeny tiny durians that are just too cute to eat?

Can't get enough of durian and desserts inspired by the King of Fruits? Sate your cravings with these durian-inspired desserts:

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