PART 2: Malaysians Share Their Most Awkward & Horrible Online Dating Experiences

"He said he could pay me for hugs and cuddles."

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Disclaimer: Some names have been changed for privacy purposes.

Last week, we asked several of you to share some of your craziest online dating experiences and y'all came through

Since then, more Malaysians have shared with SAYS about their most awkward and horrible experiences. So, here's part two.

"He gave me a sob story about his wife... that he was still married to"

"We met up for our first date. But something felt off so I decided to do some Googling when I got back and I found his wedding video. I didn't tell him I knew and still showed up for a second date. I asked him about his family, etc, and asked how's his wife. That's when he gave me a sob story.

"He said his work requires him to travel abroad a lot (which is true), and he and his wife were having marital issues, etc. Then, I called him out and he suddenly turned the story around and said he has been speaking with his pastor about it. But he very clearly just wanted to bring me upstairs after the hotel buffet breakfast date." — Rachel, 28

"There's the guy I thought was gonna choke me good [in bed] because he was really into Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ)... But turns out he just wanted someone to practise BJJ with. Literally." — Zoe, 27

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"I thought we hit it off and he liked me but I found out he was just using me to get a job at my company"

"He matched with me and we were chatting. I thought we hit it off and he liked me. But then he started asking me about my job because my company name was on my profile. Turns out he just wanted to use me to get a job at my company. And to make it worse... he got the job, so I had to see him every day." — Sheila, 24

"She kept telling me how lovely her boyfriend is"

"I matched with this girl on Tinder, and we started talking. Then, she told me she already has a boyfriend, and that she was on the app to make new friends. And I was like, okay... sure. The weird part was that she kept telling me how lovely her bf is. But it turns out they had only been dating for a week.

"A couple of days later, things took a big turn — he stopped replying to her, so she got super butthurt. She told me how she wanted to call things off. Seeing how kesian she was, I consoled her by telling her that she shouldn't jump to conclusions and that he could be busy.

"Despite my consoling, she continued to wallow in self-pity. He finally replied to her, (thank god). But the next thing I knew, she called it off because he kept ignoring her. AND THEN, she told me something like, 'Soooo, you can start courting me now'. I stopped replying to her after that." — Timothy, 24

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"He kept insisting on watching Netflix with me even when I said I didn't want to. Then, he refused to leave my place despite me dropping hints."

"He said he'd be going to the gym in the evening and that we could hang out for lunch. So we went for lunch as friends after I made it clear I wasn't looking for a relationship. Basically, I friend-zoned him and he agreed that we can just hang out as friends. But when he came over for a drink after lunch, he asked a lot of questions about my relationships with men on Bumble and probed to see if I was someone who wanted to do friends with benefits.

"I started to feel uncomfortable so I hinted for him to leave by saying things like, 'Hey didn't you mention that you are going to the gym?'. But he continued to stay for several hours and kept asking to watch Netflix with me. I told him I don't have a TV and I usually just watch it on my phone... alone. With no one else. Then, he kept insisting that we do that and I said, 'Um, no. I don't want to.'

"Eventually, I hinted three more times for him to leave and he finally did. BTW, did I mention that he used a fake name on his profile? So many red flags. Ugh. D: " — Jess, 28

"He said he could pay me for hugs and cuddles"

"He said he works with United Nations and was a part-time model. Then he wanted to meet, but didn't have a car and asked me to pick him up around 9pm! That didn't happen. For awhile, we were texting and he had asked for my IG, and that's when things got funny. Out of the blue, he said he'd pay me for hugs and cuddles." — Alyssa, 29

"He called me a joke for being a virgin"

"We were having quite a good conversation until at one point, the guy started asking about my sexual preferences / habits / experience and stuff. I told him I was a virgin and he called me stupid. He went on to say how I was stupid for keeping my virginity, and that no guys would ever want me 'cause I wouldn't know how to please them. He called me a joke too." — Sara, 22

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