Malaysians Are Loving Nando's Malaysia's "Poetic" Response To A Customer Complaint

"Nando's FTW!"

Cover image via Nando's Malaysia Facebook / Jiin Woei Lee Facebook

Nando's Malaysia has always been on point with their social media presence. From trending memes to current events, the restaurant chain is always quick to come up with relatable and witty posts that has become synonymous with the brand.

On top of their public posts, it would seem that the team behind Nando's Malaysia can be pretty witty behind the scenes as well!

On 2 December 2018, a customer at their 1 Utama branch had an unpleasant experience with the outlet's sauce bottles. In a creative twist, she lodged a complaint in the form of a poem:

Dear Nando’s Malaysia,
I was eating in your branch,
Called One Utama,
In the afternoon of the 2nd of December. 

The peri peri sauce bottles were oily as hell,
Left a glisten and shine on my fingers as well,
So I called the trainee waitress and said aghast,
“Can you please get a cloth to wipe these” I asked,
The waitress smiled and said, “Ma’am no can do,
Please wipe them only with dry tissue.”

So I called another waitress on duty,
To get a cloth to wipe these down for me,
She gave me tissues and told me to use them… again,
I started to wonder if they were playing a game,
So I asked, “Can’t you use the cloth for wiping tables on these?”
She said, “That will dirty the cloth so we cannot do that you see.” 

So I gave up and used my own alcohol swabs
And gave two Nando’s bottles pretty good hand jobs. 

My writing to you is a simple request,
To give that branch’s management a bit of a check. 

To her surprise, Nando's replied with a short poem of their own!

The brand Facebook page replied as such: -

"Thank you for highlighting this matter to us so cleverly, 
I’ll forward this to the team, as we take cleanliness seriously. 

It would be great if you could send us your full name, address and phone number for delivery.
We would like to send you something to thank you for making our bottles less shiny."

Impressed, the customer shared her conversation with Nando's Malaysia on Facebook...

I wrote a complaint to Nando's Malaysia in the form of a poem. They responded with a poem! Nando's Malaysia for the win!!

Posted by Jiin Woei Lee on Tuesday, 11 December 2018

... And people LOVED it. Some praised both the customer and the brand for filing and handling customer complaints:

The encounter even inspired some commenters to come up with their own rhymes

Stay cheeky, Nando's. ;)

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