The Wait Is Over! Nickelodeon's First Theme Park In Asia Is Now Open At Sunway Lagoon

"Are you ready kids? Aye aye captain!"

Cover image via SAYS

Rejoice, Malaysians! Asia's first Nickelodeon-themed attraction, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon is now open at Sunway Lagoon.

The theme park in a popular tourist area features 14 immersive attractions, some of which are built around Nickelodeon properties, including SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as a daily signature slime event, waterslide rides, retail shops and more.

Sunway Lagoon already has five existing parks, which including a water park and an "extreme park."

Now that the Lost Lagoon is officially open to the public, Malaysians can finally explore the 10-acre lush tropical rainforest!

Here are some of the things you can expect from the new theme park:

1. A splashing good time for everyone

Image via Sunway Lagoon
Image via Sunway Lagoon
Image via Sunway Lagoon
Image via Sunway Lagoon
Image via Sunway Lagoon

2. For the daredevils, challenge yourself for an intense vertical free fall ride with MONSOON 360

Image via Sunway Lagoon

3. SpongeBob!

4. Coloured fireworks, because the normal fireworks are so passé

Image via @ainiakira

5. See your favourite Nickelodeon characters come to life!

Image via Elly Yana
Image via Neyra Shazeyra

6. After years and years of watching people get slimed on Kids’ Choice Awards, experience it for yourself now with the signature slime deluge during Slime Time at 4pm daily!

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7. The merchandise stores are going to be every kid's heaven

8. If you are feeling adventurous, join the tribesman's Explorer's Trail while enjoying the jaw-dropping views of mystical ponds, gullies and hills!

On another note, Ubisoft, the video game publisher behind blockbuster franchises including Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia and Rabbids, is planning to open a theme park right here in Malaysia!

Here's the proof that we can never be too old for anything fun!

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