[PHOTOS] These Homemade Christmas Trees Will Confirm Get You Into The Festive Mood

It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas. <3

Cover image via Mothership & MalayMail

1. "My mum's an avid bear collector, big bears to key chain bears, she’ll keep them all. So, this one year she took the time to set this (Christmas tree) up."

"She used cake stands and whatever she could find around the house (to build the tree). I think it took her around a month to do, to find same-height bears to go around nicely hehehe."

"It ended up staying there for like two Christmases if I remember correctly 'cause she couldn’t BEAR to take it down."


2. "A few years ago, I decided to build a Christmas tree from scratch because I wasn't gonna be home with my family during that holiday"

"I didn't wanna buy a tree so I had to get creative. I originally wanted to do a 3D tree, but with no proper structure, it wasn't possible lol. Took me 3 days to figure out before I decided on this! 

"I taped the garlands on the wall and floor, and decorated it with lights and ornaments. Did you notice the air purifier? I wanted to hide it from plain sight. xD" 


3. "I didn't get a normal tree 'cause I was scared my dog will jump on it haha"

"I got the idea from a friend of mine who did something similar last year with colourful tissue papers and polaroid photos." 

"So I thought okay lah, I'll use garlands instead so that will have more feel haha.

And I had to use tape! LOTS AND LOTS OF TAPE."


4. Meanwhile, this creative Malaysian upcycles her Christmas tree with used materials every year :o

"I asked around for jars and bottles and tediously removed labels. Tied 86 of them to wire hoops around my hinged wooden tripod."

"Went around the neighbourhood, cut leaves, and spray painted them so I dunno if they will last til Christmas."

"This pandemic season, many seem to bring out their trees earlier. xD I DIY my tree every year." 


Check out all of her trees on Instagram

5. Okay, time to sit back and relax 'cause this Christmas tree looks like it's about to tell us a story <3

"Since we used a small tree, we wanted to feature a manger so it kinda tells a story haha. 

And we felt with the manger, and the theme colour, it resembles a snowing Christmas night!

I even used some old glasses and sprayed them with glitter to go along with the Christmas tree! It may be simple but it gives really cosy, Christmasey vibes in our home." 


6. This Malaysian turned his house into a neighbourhood attraction and it's so pretty!

Image via Malay Mail
Image via Malay Mail

Ernest Ong decorated his house with an upside-down tree to symbolise the unprecedented year all of us have gone through. So cool!

“I just hope these lights would remind us of the good times before the pandemic and unite us all again to pass through these trying times."

According to MalayMail, he took five days to decorate his house and it immediately caught the attention of all passers-by.

“It’s nice to lighten the mood for everyone and bring joy to the community by a simple thing like a Christmas decoration," Ernest said. 

BONUS: Durian Christmas tree?? YES PLEASE! :9

Image via Mothership
Image via Mothership

This Christmas tree was put together by the members of Good News Fellowship Church in Kuching. It was the pride of the place and everyone loved it!

They used more than 200 durians to build the tree, and then completed it a star-tree top and Christmas lights. And guests had to wait for four hours before they could finally eat the durian, omg.

Confirm everyone enjoyed their Christmas fellowship! 

And Sunway Velocity Mall is also going all out this year with their beautifully unique Christmas tree!

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