[PHOTOS] These Ang Pow Designs From 10 Banks Will Confirm Spark Joy For You This CNY

Which is your favourite ang pow design?

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Disclaimer: This listicle is not organised in any particular order.

Chinese New Year is around the corner. And that means it's ang pow time!

The tradition of giving ang pows dates all the way back to Qin Dynasty, some 2,200 years ago.

According to China Highlights, the primary significance behind the act of giving ang pows is the red envelopes, not the money inside. By giving red envelopes to the younger generation, the givers are essentially bestowing happiness and blessings on the receivers.

Therefore, we gathered ang pow designs from 10 banks in Malaysia so that you know who are the makers behind these beautiful pocketable blessings.

1. Hong Leong Bank

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

This year, Hong Leong Bank has one design but two different colours for its Islamic Bank Priority Banking and Private Banking's ang pows.

The Private Banking's ang pows are a bit thicker and have a glossy texture.


Image via SAYS
Image via Tally Press
Image via Tally Press

CIMB created three different ang pow designs for its conventional, Preferred, and Private Banking, all of which are glossy to the touch.

3. Public Bank

Image via _mgs_/Carousell
Image via _mgs_/Carousell

Public Bank is back at it again with its square-shaped ang pows. This time, it features two fish, which symbolise abundance and the word 'prosperity' in Chinese.

4. Maybank

Image via _mgs_/Carousell
Image via Tally Press

Maybank, too, has two different ang pow designs for its conventional and Private Banking.

Other than featuring koi fish, the ang pow design for Private Banking also features magpies in phoenix-like colours.

5. OCBC Bank

Image via SAYS

OCBC Bank has three different ang pow designs for its conventional, Business Banking, and Premier Banking.

All of them have Chinese New Year symbols housed in a shape of a koi fish, a leaf, a circle or a bird.

6. Citibank

Citibank released one design but in four colours. The illustration shows a beautiful garden with peonies, chrysanthemums, and peach blossoms - all of which symbolise prosperity and good luck.

7. United Overseas Bank (UOB)

Image via Carousell

UOB has two ang pow designs for its conventional and Premier Banking. 

The Premier Banking ang pows come with a larger envelope with a circle cut-out so that when the smaller ang pow is put inside, the rat will be visible - creating a three dimensional look.

8. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered has three ang pow designs, where one features a tiny rat in conjunction with the Year of the Rat.

As for its Priority banking's ang pows, it has a horizontal opening, which resembles a purse. 


Image via Tally Press

HSBC's ang pows come in two colours and when they are placed side by side, they complete each other's Chinese New Year lantern and flowers.

10. RHB

Image via _mgs_/Carousell
Image via _mgs_/Carousell

RHB's ang pows feature a gigantic Chinese New Year knot of happiness and a message of blessing that reads "unite as one". 

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