This Super Fun New Filter Lets You Pop All The Pimples You Want Without Damaging Your Skin

You could even win a one-year supply of skincare products!

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Don't you just hate it when your skin acts up?

The oil, the blackhead, the acne. Not to mention the thick skin you'll have to grow when confronted by all the unsolicited skin advice. Ugh, just thinking about it is stressful enough. How. Do. You. Make. It. Go. Away.

To combat acne formation, it's important to adopt a healthy skincare routine. These three simple steps will go a long way in helping to reduce the probability of that pesky acne taking over your face:

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Step 1: Always ensure that you cleanse your face thoroughly with an anti-acne facial cleanser to leave your skin’s surface clean and bacteria free. A clean face reduces the probability of acne formation due to clogged pores from dirt, oil, and impurities in your surroundings.

Step 2: Dab an acne treatment lotion on the affected areas. This helps to effectively kill acne-causing bacteria to prevent further formation of pimples.

Step 3: In some cases, pimples may also lead to acne scars, especially after it has dried out. To prevent dark spots/acne scars, apply an anti-pimple mark gel on the affected areas. This will reduce dark spots and lighten acne scars, leaving your face spotless.

By adopting these simple steps, the days of poking and prodding your face to squeeze out those pimples out will be a thing of past!

OXY just released their #OxyfiedFace filter on Facebook. Now you can pop all the pimples and squeeze all the blackheads you want without actually damaging your skin!

All you have to do is complete the #OxyfiedFace filter challenge on OXY's Facebook post. Once you've completed the challenge, just screenshot your result and upload it in the comments section with the hashtag #OxyfiedFace.

After you've submitted the comment, you can stand a chance to win a 1-year supply of OXY products. But hey, even if you don't manage to make the cut, you can always click on the link in the post and redeem a free sample!

Here's how to take part:

1. Click here to launch the #OxyfiedFace filter

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2. Pick a problem enemy to defeat: acne, shine, or blackheads

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3. Your problem enemy will appear, along with a timer and some simple instructions

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4. Start tapping on the screen to get the problem enemy off your face with cleansing products! Go, go, go, get 'em all

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5. It's not over with just the first round, you gotta keep getting rid of them during the second round too! But this time, you'll be using treatment products. Tap, tap, tap away

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6. Once your virtual skin is clear, the game is over, and a frame with the timer result of your challenge will appear. Take a screenshot and post it in the comments section of the Facebook post. And don't forget to tap on the link in the filter to redeem your free sample.

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Almost every other teenager has used OXY at least once in their lives. But what's so special about it?

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OXY is essentially a skincare product that specialises in combating acne. But they actually have a wide range of products to cater to those with dull and oily skin, and also blackheads. 

Some of their hottest products include their brightening face wash, anti-bacterial acne patch, acne pimple medication, oil control mattifying gel, and also their anti-blackhead clearing wash. 

The #OxyfiedFace filter challenge is running from 15 March - 14 April 2020, so join now for your chance to win a year's supply of your favourite OXY product

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