[VIDEO] Watch These Unsuspecting Customers Get Pranked By A Vending Machine At Pizza Hut

They expected a can of Coca-Cola, but got surprised by something else instead.

Cover image via Pizza Hut (Provided to SAYS)

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Have you seen the latest videos of people getting pranked by a vending machine in front of a Pizza Hut outlet?

Recently, videos have been circulating on social media, showing Malaysians getting pranked by what looks like a Coca-Cola vending machine.

Watch the videos below:

In one of the videos, a customer decided to try his luck at the Coca-Cola vending machine. But instead of a can or bottle of Coca-Cola, he got a pleasant surprise in the form of an oversized bottle cap :O

Upon looking inside the bottle-cap-shaped box, it actually contained Pizza Hut x Coca-Cola's latest collaboration, a.k.a. the Hawaiian Cola Pizza.

The box even opened with a 'pop' sound, just like when you open a can of Coca-Cola, woah!

In case you didn't know, Hawaiian Cola Pizza is a fusion of Pizza Hut's top-selling Hawaiian Chicken Pizza with a specially concocted Cola sauce. This results in a savoury, cheesy pizza, with the signature Coca-Cola fizz we're all familiar with.

In another video, someone decided to prank his friend by telling him they were at Pizza Hut for a TikTok shoot

At first, the "shoot" went like normal.

That is, until he pressed a button on the vending machine.

Just look at the shock on his face after being delivered a mystery box by a pair of furry hands! ;P

Thankfully, the initial shock turned to delight after he got to have a first taste of the Hawaiian Cola Pizza. Here's what he had to say:

"Yeah, it's pretty good! First, it's actually tasty. Second, surprising, because if you were to give me Coca-Cola on a pizza, I wouldn't think it's that good. But it's actually pretty good."

Interestingly, instead of the usual buttons displaying Coca-Cola products you can order, the vending machine had buttons with phrases like "Press-je" and "You tau you nak"

And customers were in for all kind of surprising pranks whenever one of them pressed a button. The best part was seeing their reactions when a polar bear suddenly appeared out of nowhere!

Turns out, the Coca-Cola polar bear was hiding behind the vending machine all along!

It even got a little cheeky and tried to tugged at one of the customers' legs, giving him the shock of his life.

Intrigued by the new pizza collab or wanna prank a friend of yours?

Head over to Pizza Hut Sunway Pyramid from 17 to 20 August to catch the limited time Coca-Cola "vending machine"!

Known as the Cola Pizza Happiness Machine, you can check it out at these times:

17, 18 August : 1pm - 6pm
19, 20 August: 12pm - 5pm

While you're there, you can enjoy the two tastes you've always loved – Pizza Hut and Coca-Cola, now coming together with an unexpected twist.

Plus, besides the new Hawaiian Cola Pizza, the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear will be giving away all kinds of goodies, including Coca-Cola merch and Pizza Hut vouchers, yay!

P.S. These giveaways will be at random, so you're in for a surprise. :D

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