4 Practical Tips To Help You Spend Less And Save More Money This Year

Did you know you can get cashback by using your credit card to reload your e-wallet?

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1. Groceries

Before going grocery shopping, plan your meals for the week and go in with a shopping list so you don't overspend. Whenever possible, choose cheaper alternatives like chicken instead of seafood.

Sometimes, it also makes sense to buy in bulk instead of just for the week. For instance, it's okay to get ingredients like salt, sauces, and rice in bulk, because you'll be using it for the whole month anyway. However, before shopping, check the prices online as you may get a better deal for certain essentials like shampoo and toilet paper.

Pro Tips:
- Plan your meals and prepare a shopping list
- Opt for cheaper alternatives
- Purchase essentials in bulk
- Shop online for better deals

2. Electricity

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Since most Malaysians aren't going out as much these days, we spend a lot more time at home. However, cranking up the AC in the hot weather can make your electricity bills go through the roof. To stay cool, keep your air conditioner between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius. Plus, shut all doors and close the curtains to keep the cold air in.

Another way to save electricity at home is to use LED lights, which consumes less energy but produces brighter light. If you're working from home, using your laptop instead of your desktop will also help save some electricity. Lastly, try to wait till your laundry piles up before doing one full load, instead of multiple half loads.

Pro Tips:
- Keep your AC between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius
- Switch to LED lights
- Use your laptop instead of your desktop
- Always do a full load of laundry

3. Entertainment

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While we can't go out like normal to the cinema just yet, there are still plenty of ways to stay entertained without breaking the bank. Plan a casual movie night at home with your fam, or watch one of those free YouTube musicals. There are also lots of free online games like Houseparty and Skribbl you can play with friends.

If you need some fresh air, you can also go to the park for free - just remember to practice social distancing when you're there. In the meantime, it's also a good idea to review all your subscriptions and cancel the ones you're less likely to use this year. This will help you save on all the monthly charges that will add up over time.

Pro Tips:
- Watch a movie or YouTube musical at home
- Play free online games
- Take a trip to the park
- Cancel all your unused subscriptions

4. Cashback Services

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You can actually save a lot just by using the right payment method. For instance, instead of just paying cash, try to use e-wallets that will give you deals and earn you points. On top of that, use a cashback credit card to reload your e-wallet, so you get extra money for doing nothing at all.

For those who are commuting, look for deals like unlimited monthly passes. If you're driving, make the most out of every time you pump petrol. Apps like Setel give you up to 10% cashback, while loyalty cards help you earn points and save money in the long run.

- Use e-wallets to get deals
- Reload using cashback credit cards
- Look for commute passes
- Make use of apps and loyalty cards

Like they often say, "Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit". All it takes is a few small changes in the way you spend, and soon you'll be saving more money than you know it.

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