Get Quick Relief For Stiff Neck, Backache, And More By Massaging These Pressure Points

You'll be surprised by how these work like a charm!

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Feeling tired and stressed out at work? It doesn't help when your body is aching all over too.

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If you spend most of your day sitting at your desk hunched over a computer, you've probably experienced pain in your neck, shoulders, and back. The worst feeling is having to work through that pain because you still have deadlines to meet.

The good news is that you can help yourself feel better by massaging certain pressure points on your body. Here are a few acupressure tips you should try out:

1. Reduce all kinds of pains, including neck pain and shoulder pain, by applying pressure between your thumb and index finger

Joining The Valley Point, LI4

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Besides loosening up your neck and shoulder muscles, this pressure point can also relieve stress, alleviate migraines, and help with toothaches.

2. Pinch your shoulder muscles to relieve stress and ease headaches caused by tension

Jian Jing Point, GB21

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You may have noticed that you sometimes get headaches, especially when you're stressed out at work. This can be due to the tension in your neck and shoulders, which is why relaxing these muscles may also help ease headaches.

3. For days when you're dealing with backaches, try applying pressure on the crease at the back of your knees

Middle of the Crook Point, UB40

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This pressure point works wonders for most pain sensations along the spine. Stimulate this point on both legs to help relieve stiffness and lower back pain.

4. If you're feeling stomach discomfort, massage this point four fingers below your kneecap

Three Mile Point, ST36

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Bend your legs and measure four fingers below your kneecap. To check if you have the right spot, you should feel a muscle move in and out as you lift your leg. Apply pressure and massage the area to treat stomach aches and improve your overall digestion.

5. When you feel nauseous or have motion sickness, try rubbing this point three fingers below your wrist

Pericardium Point, PC6

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This is great for when you're in the train or on the plane, and need instant relief from motion sickness or nauseousness. You may feel a sharp pain when rubbing this spot, but continue massaging it gently for four to five seconds at a time.

6. Massage between your fourth and fifth fingers to get rid of tension in your neck

Triple Energizer Point, TE3

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Look for the groove between your ring finger and pinky finger, massaging it back and forth. This is said to help relieve neck and shoulder pain, as well as temporal headaches.

7. Having a migraine or just feeling tired? Press this spot at the bottom of your skull and move it in a circular motion

Gates of Consciousness Point, GB20

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These two points at both sides of the neck help deal with headaches, dizziness, fatigues, and flu symptoms. Put your thumbs on these spots and rock them in an up-and-down motion to give yourself a relaxing feeling.

There's nothing better than a massage that hits all the right spots. The good news is that now you know all the important pressure points, and you can do it yourself!

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All these points are also super easy to reach, which means you can give yourself a relaxing massage any time during the day.

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