Bangkok's Ratchada Train Night Market Is Back After Rumours Said It Closed Down For Good

So glad it didn't shut down for good.

Cover image via Jodd Fairs (Facebook)

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It's probably been awhile since you've last set foot in Bangkok

The sights, the sounds, the massages, the smells of the street food wafting through the air while you try to avoid a tuk tuk about to run you over.

I miss it. I miss everything about Thailand. I miss travelling. And I'm pretty sure many of us feel the same way. 

Good news is that Bangkok is slowly becoming its lively self again and that includes Ratchada Train Night Market (Talad Rot Fai), which has just 'reopened' under a new name

In October, there were rumours that the popular night market had closed down for good, as photos of the ghost-like area surfaced on the Internet, with many expressing their sadness.

Turns out, on 29 November, it reopened not too far from the original location and has a new name — Jodd Fairs.

Here's a sneak peek of how it looks now:

According to its Facebook page, Jodd Fairs falls under the same brand as the Train Night Market. 

It appears that it's still offering all of the popular Thai dishes from its previous place, including crowd favourites like leng saap, moo ping, fresh seafood, and more

Here are more photos of the night market that you can look forward to

Jodd Fairs is located behind Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 mall, and is open daily from 11am to midnight

In the comments, Jodd Fairs mentions that it will be around for the next two years. So here's to hoping we can head there soon! *crosses fingers*

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