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T-minus 19 days until blast-off at OMNI Waves 2019! Have you gotten your tickets yet?

In the run-up to OMNI Waves 2019, Malaysia's first and largest indoor music festival brought to you by OmniPay, let's take a look at the performing acts up close. If you know them well enough already, then this is just more of an excuse for you to listen to their music!

Here's who you can expect to see at OMNI Waves 2019:

1. Sam Tsui

Rising to internet stardom through his song covers and medleys on YouTube, Sam Tsui has become synonymous with the genre in general. However, he has also blossomed with his own original songs such as 'Cameo' from his latest album, 'TRUST'. 

Oh, he also just recently covered 'Rewrite The Stars' (The Greatest Showman) with Malaysia's very own Daiyan Trisha.

2. Madilyn Bailey

Madilyn Bailey started her career doing covers on Youtube as well. Her cover of Sia's 'Titanium' and Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' still ring around admin's head. She has performed all across the world, including North America, France, Singapore and Vietnam.

In 2016, she released her first single, 'Wiser'. 

3. Quintino

According to a 2014 interview, Quintino loves to have his mum's homemade chicken after every tour he goes on. We love a mama's boy. 

We also love bangers, and that's exactly what Quintino churns out every time he hits the stage. 'Heey Ya' is one such hit that admin can't stop repeating. He is also currently sitting at #25 on DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs list. 

4. Tujamo

German-born Tujamo is a prolific music producer who strays away from the typical norms of electro-house music. Having performed in various parts of Asia, including China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, Tujamo is no stranger to the Asian electro-house scene. 

In 2018, 'With U' became the official Untold Festival anthem in Romania. His feel good tempo will make you feel all sorts of things. 

5. Jay Hardway

Jay Hardway began his career at the age of 14, taking inspiration from the biggest music producers at the time. Back then, he also collaborated with Martin Garrix, who still hadn't shot to fame yet.

'Wake Up' racked over 7 million views on YouTube, proving that Jay Hardway is not an amateur. In fact, he's steadily rising up the ranks.

6. Goldfish & Blink

Homegrown DJ-duo, Goldfish & Blink, are pioneers of the Malaysian electronic dance music scene. Much loved for their intense buildups and mind-bending drops, the duo have become a mainstay in the hearts of many Malaysians and others in the region. 

Their 2013 headbanger, 'Here We Go Again', is a great example of the kind of music to expect.

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