Pink Salt Shampoo Is The New Hair Routine You Need To Try. Here’s Why It's Trending

Salt shampoo is the latest must-try hair care product, which is said to detoxify the scalp.

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Salt-infused beauty products have been a long-time popular trend with sprays, scrubs, and tubs of goodness in your home

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Salt body and lip scrubs are especially popular, with many people using them in their skincare routines. They're known for their exfoliating powers that leave our skin feeling supple and oh so smooth.

A new type of salt beauty product has been recently gaining popularity—salt shampoo. But what exactly is it?

While we may be used to using salt-infused hair products to give our hair body, or even to make it a bit 'dirty' for hold and texture, using salt products to cleanse our strands is something new to most of us.

Salt shampoo is the latest must-try hair care product, which is said to detoxify the scalp. These specific shampoos and products usually contain sea salt, which is loaded with minerals that help your hair, such as magnesium, sodium, and potassium.

Basically, when you wash your hair with salt shampoo, you are leaving it with renewed life. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Salt acts as a natural exfoliator, making salt shampoo great for naturally detoxifying your scalp

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Because of its natural granules, salt is a great exfoliator. It's able to get rid of dead skin cells, hydrating and rejuvenating the new skin underneath. This is what gives salt shampoo the ability to clear your scalp of grease and grime.

2. If you've ever coloured your hair, then you'll know just how damaged and itchy your scalp can feel afterwards. Salt shampoo can help with this as it's able to remove itch-inducing chemical residues left on your scalp.

3. Salt shampoo even helps to rebalance and soothe greasy, irritated scalps, as well as prevent oiliness and dandruff

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Even trusted haircare brands like Dove are starting to use salt in their products

Known for their gentle and moisturising hair and body products, Dove is embracing the salt shampoo trend with their all-new Dove Detox Nourishment series.

Consisting of shampoo and conditioner, the Dove Detox Nourishment series is infused with Himalayan pink salt moisture to nourish dry hair ends

It also contains micellar, which deeply cleanses oily scalp by removing excess oil and damaging build up

The combination of micellar and Himalayan pink salt ensures that the shampoo doesn't dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils while detoxifying.

Plus, the shampoo's translucent weightless formula cares for your scalp and hair. It gives you lightweight hair, with all-day freshness and nourishment.

The Dove Detox Nourishment series is available at your favourite retailers. Find out more and buy it online at Guardian!

If you buy Dove products (inclusive of Dove Detox Nourishment) worth RM30 and above in a single receipt at Guardian, you'll get a free Dove food container, while stocks last.

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