SAYS EXCLUSIVE: Nick Vujicic On Suicide, Bullies And Relationships

Nick Vujicic, an inspirational Australian man with no arms or legs, opens up about attempted suicide, bullies and relationships.

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At the National Achievers Congress 2014 press conference, SAYS asked Nick Vujicic about his thoughts on the increase of suicides among youths in Malaysia

The National Achievers Congress 2014 was held on 25 May 2014 in Malaysia at the International Exhibition And Convention Centre (MIECC) in Mines, Serdang. Keynote speakers included Nick Vujicic, Tom Hopkins, Brendon Burchard, and other world-renowned leaders in marketing, life coaches and trainers.

Nick Vujicic opened up about his suicide attempt at the age of 10 when he tried to drown himself because of the bully at school

Nick Vujicic in his younger day.

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"I just came from a trip in Hawaii about 2 months ago - 12.8% of all teenagers in Hawaii have already attempted suicide. It’s a very, very high rate of suicide. Asia though, is the leading region of suicide, unfortunately. Especially when the global economic crisis came in, people do not feel secure that they ever get a job which is similar to stress of examination, depression to perform.

"I tried to drown myself at 10 years old in my family bathtub. Why? Because of the bully at my school. I did not feel that I had hope in my life. So I know how that feels but I have come to the knowledge through my faith in God of knowing where are the truth of my happiness is and my value," he said.

He also shared about his love life and previous relationship where, at one point, after an 18-month relationship ended, he said "it felt like I was already dead."

"I went through a relationship breakup. I was in love with a girl when I was 19 years old for 4 and a half years before we actually came together in a relationship and 18 months later, it got cut off. It felt like I was already dead. I know how it feels to have a heartbreak. But my overall joy as a human being is not determined in a relationship.

"I’m not going to put my circumstances as the defining factor of my happiness either. So I get that from God. He loves me, He created me, He knows who my wife is. When I get absolutely broken hearted, when my first relationship did not work out, yeah I wasn’t married and it was hard but now I met my wife and I know that my past helped me to be who I am today," he said.

Nick Vujicic with his wife, Kanae Miyahara and his son, Kiyoshi James Vujicic.

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Nick also addressed the general misconceptions on marriage. "It’s a commitment to love them, serve them, put their needs above your needs, it’s a decision that’s not all just happiness."

Nick Vujicic got married to Kanae Miyahara during Valentine's Day in 2012.

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"For anyone who’s not happy yet and thinks they are going to be happier when they get married, you don’t marry to be happy. You marry someone, it’s a commitment to love them, serve them, put their needs above your needs, it’s a decision that’s not all just happiness.

"So we need to know, first of all, whether we’re single or married, you are beautiful just the way that you are, you are not less valuable or beautiful if you don’t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. You don’t need a relationship to define your value or your happiness," he added.

Nick said that he felt "bullying is everywhere - in the workplace, the government, the media" and urged people to "not let others put you down" and to "give yourself a chance to fly."

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"As far as a pressure to perform, you know I feel sorry for anyone who has parents who really, really bully them. I’ve just released a book about bullying called 'Stand Strong' and I feel bullying is everywhere, in the workplace, in the government, in the media, and in some areas. Definitely known at school and at home. I just want you to know that don’t let others put you down. Give yourself a chance to fly.

"Miracles happen, they happen, right? And beautiful things come from your broken pieces if you just give your broken pieces a chance. Who cares if you’re not a CEO or if you end up being a janitor at a high school. Why do I say a janitor? Because the janitor at my high school was the one who inspired me to be a speaker at 17 years old. It’s not about your occupation, it’s how you love people, how you love yourself and how you love God," he said.

"Please, teenagers listen to me right now - giving up is not the option, it’s not the answer, it is not okay to do that. You have to give yourself a chance, you have to give your broken pieces a chance."

Nick Vujicic at the press conference of the National Achievers Congress 2014 in MIECC on 25 May 2014.

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"And so, I just hope that my presence here in Malaysia also encourages every teenager, first of all, to know that I know how it feels like to think of giving up or even trying to give up.

"So, may God bless those families affected and please, if there are any teenagers here now who are feeling like giving up, do not give up, do not give up. Because you don’t know what’s around the corner until you go around the corner," he said.

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