Scalpers Are Apparently Reselling In-N-Out Burgers After The Pop-Up Sold Out In 15 Minutes

The burgers were originally priced between RM5 and RM10.

Cover image via Instagram @foodie_eat_travel / myBurgerLab Facebook

It may have been a workday, but it certainly didn't stop hundreds of Malaysians from queueing up for hours to get a taste of In-N-Out's famous burgers at their pop-up yesterday

For a couple of hours on Tuesday, 23 January, the popular US fast food chain hosted their second pop-up store in Malaysia at Strangers At 47, a cafe in Petaling Jaya. In-N-Out made their first appearance here in 2015

Unfortunately for many, all 300 burgers allocated for the pop-up event were already sold out by 11.15am. Apparently, some burger lovers have been lining up since 7.45am!

Though the pop-up was supposed to last from 11am to 3pm, wristbands were given out half an hour prior to event. By 10.50am, they were all snapped up.

When something is selling like hot cakes, you can bet that there will be people who are standing by to take advantage of the hype. It was reported that some burgers were snapped up by scalpers, one of whom tried to sell it for RM100 each.

Malay Mail Online quoted a media practitioner who said he witnessed a scalper trying to resell a burger for about 10 times its original price at the event. 

"I saw him waiting by his car and overheard him offering a packet of burger for RM100 to a lady who was walking by. The lady refused to buy it from him," he said. 

The burgers were priced between RM5 and RM10 for just the burger, and RM18 for a set that includes drinks and fries. 

Not only were they trying to resell In-N-Out burgers on-site, some were apparently peddling the buns on Instagram as well...?

While it's pretty normal (if disconcerting) for scalpers to resell sneakers or concert tickets at exorbitant prices, netizens were left "speechless" that they would resort to reselling - of all things - food

'Coz honestly, why would anyone settle for stale and soggy burgers when you can grab a fresh, piping hot bun at these burger joints?

The so-called "reseller culture" has been pretty rampant here in recent years, with Malaysians reselling everything from iPhone Xs to Supreme bricks for more than double its original price: