The Exchange TRX Teams Up With Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 For School Holidays Carnival

Play games and collect stamps to redeem cool prizes!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by The Exchange TRX.

The Exchange TRX is collaborating with Disney and Pixar's Inside Out 2 this school holidays and you won't wanna miss it!

Image via John PSD/SAYS

Enjoy the exclusive on-ground activation happening at the MRT Plaza Entrance on Ground Floor.

Mirroring the film's unique plot, the Urban Node has been transformed to bring you and your kids on an emotional journey.

Every activation allows kids to collect stamps as they complete the games at each station. Once you've filled up your booklet, you get a chance to spin the giant gashapon machine. Inside each ball is a special mystery prize!

There are also life-size figures of characters from Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2, artworks, games, workshops, and more. Watch Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 in cinemas nationwide on 13 June.

Image via John PSD/SAYS

Be sure to check out the Emotional Carnival from now till 30 June.

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect at the Emotional Carnival:

1. Keep calm and play Beat The Buzzer!

Image via John PSD/SAYS

This is a true game of nerves. Will your inner Fear and Anxiety win or will you be able to overcome them?

Using a large ring handle, it's your job to trace the winding metal shape without letting the handle touch the shape. If it does, a buzzer goes off and it's game over. :')

Image via John PSD/SAYS

2. Release your rage in a healthy way at Anger Management

Image via John PSD/SAYS

If you've ever had the urge to keyboard smash, this is the game for you! Not only are you allowed to release your inner fury, you're encouraged to smash that button as fast and hard as you can.

Watch the Anger Management Meter soar up as you take out your anger on the big red button. It's a great way to let off some steam and see how just how fired up the character Anger can get!

Image via John PSD/SAYS

3. Get yourself checked out at the Emotion Spinner

Image via John PSD/SAYS

Use your palm to press the button in the centre of the giant spinning wheel and watch it light up until it lands on a character.

Are you Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Disgust, or one of the newly introduced characters in the sequel? Only one way to find out!

Take a photo of yourself showing the emotion and tag @disneystudiosmy and @TheExchangeTRX on Instagram or @TRXtheexchange on Facebook and hashtag #Insideout2MY #TheExchangeTRX to redeem your stamp at this station.

Image via John PSD/SAYS

4. Create a keepsake of the day at the Emotion Bracelet booth

Image via Laila Zain/SAYS

For a super cute, 100% personalised memento, head over to the crafting table to make your own beaded emotion bracelets. Surrounded by colourful beads, charms, and letters, you're free to make whatever your heart desires, with the help of the lovely crew to assist you.

Image via John PSD/SAYS

5. Treat yourself to more goodies at the Emotion Grabber

Image via John PSD/SAYS

Once you've participated at every booth and received all the stamps, redeem your reward at the giant gashapon machine.

Filled with vouchers, discounts, and exclusive Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 merchandise, everyone's a winner at this station

Image via John PSD/SAYS

6. Embrace the Unknown Art Installation

Image via John PSD/SAYS

Created by artist Pamela Tan and Poh Sin Studio, Embrace the Unknown (2024) is an enormous art installation constructed out of steel, cotton string, and hundreds of stress balls.

The stress balls represent the characters Joy and Anxiety in Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2, and the art installation serves as a metaphor of the contrasting forces within us.

"Joy, represented by robust, yellow metal structures, embodies strength and stability, while the erratic orange strings capture Anxiety's pervasive, often disruptive presence. This artwork mirrors life's complexities, where emotions intertwine like the physical interplay of structure and string in the installation," explained Tan.

Image via John PSD/SAYS

The immersive artwork not only welcomes you to walk within it and admire it up close, it also encourages you to touch and physically experience it.

"This piece reflects the beauty of our emotional spectrum, encouraging viewers to recognise and harmonise their inner experiences. I included stress balls in the design for their playful, tactile qualities — round, squeezable, bouncy, and fun — perfectly aligning with the theme," Tan added.

Image via John PSD/SAYS

In addition to the Emotional Carnival, shoppers can also redeem complimentary Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 merchandise

  • Spend RM600 in two (2) receipts to redeem a complimentary Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 Pillow*
  • Spend RM1,200 in two (2) receipts to redeem a complimentary Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 Flask*
*Redeemable at GF, Redemption Counter (near Marimekko). New characters to be released on a weekly basis. While stocks last. Terms and conditions apply.

For all you super fans, you can also stand a chance to redeem a whole set of Disney Pixar's Inside Out 2 pillows

Be sure to keep an eye out on The Exchange TRX’s Facebook and Instagram for a contest that will be kicking off on 30 May!

Spend the school holidays at the Emotional Carnival in The Exchange TRX! Get more information here.

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