4 Signs That Indicate It's Time To Swap Out Your Old Mattress For A New One

If you wake up feeling itchy or with back aches, this one's for you.

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One of the main factors to getting a good night's sleep is none other than a good ol' mattress

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Complete with our pillow, cosy blankets, and something to snuggle with, settling in for the night with all these sleep essentials are what we look forward to at the end of a long and arduous day.

However, there comes a time when a mattress has reached the end of its lifespan, and needs to be replaced. Since the general rule of thumb is to replace your mattress every seven to 10 years, using it beyond this time may lead to issues that could blossom into long-term problems. 

Here are four tell-tale signs that your mattress needs replacing:

1. You hear loud creaking noises every time you get in or out of bed

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If you've been sleeping on the same mattress since you were a child, it's probably too old to sleep on anymore. It might've been in great shape when you were younger, but over time, it will eventually fall prey to wear and tear. 

For example, when you start hearing those creaking noises due to its built-in springs, that's a clear sign showing it has lost its comfort and lumbar support over the years. Not to mention it gets really annoying when those springs begin poking you in the back. :/

2. You wake up feeling aches and pains in your back and neck

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When certain parts of the bed get lumpier and saggier, this can cause your spine to be misaligned over time. The lack of cushioning as well as sags in the mattress may lead to lower back pain, stiff upper neck, and other aches. 

3. You find yourself sneezing more often or getting bug bites when in close proximity to the mattress

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Mattresses are often huge and heavy, making it a hassle to clean all by ourselves. This makes it easier for dust mites, allergens, and dead skin cells to accumulate over the years, making it impossible for you to sleep peacefully if you have severe allergies.

Aside from that, bedbugs are an absolute nightmare to deal with, as they can be difficult to be rid of. Even having pets with fleas can potentially cause an infestation in your mattress. :O That feeling of tiny bugs crawling over your body as you sleep is unsettling, to say the least.

4. You tend to fall asleep easier anywhere else except your own bed

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Unconsciously deciding to sleep on the couch or recliner any chance you get is an indicator that your mattress just isn't doing its job anymore. This also rings true if you are sharing a bed with someone else, but only one of you is unable to sleep properly. A good mattress should provide equal comfort to both sleepers.

If you're ready to get rid of your old mattress, we've got good news for you :D

Rozel is currently offering exclusive deals whereby you can trade in your old mattress with rebates up to RM2,000!

You won't have to put up with all that discomfort anymore, as they've got a wide selection of high-quality mattresses to choose from, such as Royal Crown, Opulent, Legacy, and Vertex.

Regardless of what model, brand, or size your mattress is, you can trade in as many mattresses as you like to enjoy the rebates Rozel has to offer.

While the trade-ins are only available in store, they offer free pick-up and delivery of the old and new mattresses*

Check out the rebates you can receive when you trade in for the following Rozel Maxiflex models:

- Get RM500 rebate for Rozel Maxiflex Royal Crown

Made with chemical free and organic cotton fabric, you'll find that its gel memory foam allows heat to escape easier, ensuring that you have a cooler sleeping surface as you sleep through warm nights.

- Get RM1,000 rebate for Rozel Maxiflex Opulent

Equipped with ice silk fabric like the Rozel Maxiflex Legacy, this extra firm mattress also has 7-Zone Pocket Spring for optimal body alignment and better comfort.

- Get RM1,500 rebate for Rozel Maxiflex Legacy

Featuring ice silk fabric that is smooth, cool, and breathable, you'll also be able to experience better lumbar support with its 7-Zone Latex ergonomic design.

This is further enhanced with built-in pocket springs that operate independently and fit your body curve when you lie on the mattress.

- Get RM2,000 rebate for Rozel Maxiflex Vertex

Made with 100% camel wool and eight plush layers of natural pinhole latex, it also comes with a cover quilt with cooling silk fabric. Its moisture absorption and ventilation properties ensure the mattress maintains optimum softness for maximum comfort.

*Within 10km radius of any Rozel showroom

As an additional bonus, you'll enjoy a 50% discount on selected full leather bed frames at Rozel when you purchase their mattresses!

They've also maintained their monthly installment deal with 0% interest for up to 24 months, so you can purchase other Rozel furniture as well.

Ready to trade in your old mattress for a new one? Visit their website to find out more about this exciting promo!

FYI, the video below is a preview of the Rozel Maxiflex Sleep Boutique, which showcases their wide range of luxury mattresses at their TTDI showroom! 

Intrigued? Head over to your nearest Rozel showroom to see, feel, and discover their premium mattresses.

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