10 Signs You've Been Friend Zoned By The Person You Like

Ever want more than just friendship with your person of interest? Bro, here are 10 signs maybe she's just not into you.

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What in the world is the friend zone?

The friend zone illustration.

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SIGN 1: She talks about other guys with you

You're a bit thick if you don't get the hint here. It's not by coincidence that she talks to you excitedly about another guy – conversations like that don't just “happen”. She either (a) regards you as a confidant who's safe and harmless or (b) is trying really hard to let you know that her interests lies elsewhere.


SIGN 2: She isn't ashamed to reveal her disgusting and weird habits around you

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SIGN 3: She says, "I wish guys out there were more like you."

Really? Do I have to explain this one? Do you really need me to break it down for you? These are friend zone words if I’ve ever heard them. Women NEVER date the guys that are like everyone else. They usually go after the unique fella that everyone else wants. Beware of these words, compadres. If ever uttered, she is definitely not that into you.

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SIGN 4: She only returns your phone calls when she needs something

Women are not as innocent as you may think. The only time you are having your phone calls or text messages returned is when she’s asking for a favor? Welcome to the land of no return.

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SIGN 5: It takes her more than a day to respond to your e-mail, text, tweet or Facebook message

This may seem like an extreme measure, but trust me; the attention span of women and men in Generation-Y is that of a buzzing gnat. More than 24 hours to respond to your social inquiry means that she is more than capable of going a day without contacting you. And do you really want to deal with a girl who isn’t constantly thinking about you in the first place?

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SIGN 6: She tells you everything on her mind

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This doesn’t mean the important stuff only. If she tells you every boring detail about her life, including the clothes she’s thinking of buying, the food she’s craving, etc then she does not see you as a romantic partner. Girls wait it out before spilling everything on their minds to a guy they like.


SIGN 7: She doesn't let her guard down, even after a few drinks

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The saying “In Vino Veritas” is as true today as it was when it was first said; a couple of glasses of wine should make her lose some inhibitions she may have about getting intimate, flirtatious, or reaching out to touch you. And if nothing happens then, nothing's going to happen later on. Move along, buddy.


SIGN 8: She keeps bringing her friends around

Classic cockblocking move: You ask her out for a movie on a Friday night, and she texts back, “Hey, do you mind if I bring my friend along? She wants to see it too!” Of course, being the friend you are, how can you say no? You could let this move fly for one time, but any repeat situation, and alarm bells should go off. After all, if she wants to be alone with you, she'd make the effort to do so.

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SIGN 9: She avoids any talks about relationships

You've been good friends for awhile now – you've had your laughs, made fun of each other, shared a deep discussions about life – but when it comes to any talk regarding relationships, she clams up. This emotional stonewall means that she's wary of straying into any line of conversation that could lead you to think of her that way.

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SIGN 10: You only hang out when she wants and not when you suggest it

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Real friends have a two-sided relationship where both people are taken into account. If you only ever do what she wants, you’re probably friend-zoned. You might not even have a real friend.


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