Local Property Developer Wants To Change The Way Terrace Homes Are Designed In The Future

A recent IG Story poll revealed that Malaysians are ready for disruptive change.

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For most of us, owning our first home is a key milestone in life. We spend time looking for the perfect home — one that best suits our requirements.

But as time passes, our needs evolve as well. Can our homes adapt to our ever-changing lifestyle then?

In a recent IG Story poll by Sime Darby Property, 64% of Malaysians want their homes to be able to reduce carbon dioxide. Meanwhile, another 63% want to see homes that allow more personal space over gathering space.

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These results show that Malaysians are open to innovations in home designs. From assemble-it-yourself houses to homes that operate with a 'tech brain', these ideas are now becoming more plausible.

Nevertheless, terrace homes in Malaysia have yet to make a lot of progress in responding to the shifts in consumer needs, global trends, and climate change. It's high time that Malaysian architects and homeowners reconsider the typical terrace home to ensure they can keep up with the changing times.

That's why Sime Darby Property has launched Concept Home 2030, a trailblazing initiative that aims to reimagine how homes would be designed and built in 2030

From left to right: Life Beyond 2 Walls and Non-Fungible Terraces home concepts

Image via Concept Home 2030

The initiative aims to push the limits of conventional terrace houses by focusing on four key pillars — sustainable solutions, modern construction methods, modular designs that are expandable as well as customisable, and AI or tech-infused homes.

From determining whether terrace homes can be versatile enough for functional spaces, to properties that can adapt to climate change, these are some of the issues that Concept Home 2030 wishes to address.

By creating a platform that allows industry experts and consumers to exchange innovative home ideas that can be turned into prototypes, the Concept Home 2030 initiative encourages the industry to work together in building homes that are better not only for Malaysians, but also for the environment.

In August 2021, Sime Darby Property worked with the Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) to launch the Concept Home 2030 competition, which saw some of the nation's best architects participating to envision how homes would look like in 2030

From left to right: Roomah+ and Subhome home concepts

Image via Concept Home 2030

The competition challenged these visionaries to design homes that can radically shift how future homes would be built. 

Receiving 171 registrations, including some of the best architects in Malaysia, Concept Home 2030 marked the highest number of participants in the history of PAM's competitions. Many of the participants explored different themes in their designs — smart technology, circular ecosystems, and adaptability to climate and human needs.

In fact, 10 Malaysian architects have been selected as finalists in the competition, all of whom proposed groundbreaking concepts that push the boundaries of conventional terrace homes

From left to right: Breathing Ground and Project Eco Preneur home concepts

Image via Concept Home 2030

From a modular house concept that embraces nature and promotes elevated living, to a prototype that can be easily expanded and customised to suit a growing family's needs, the 10 finalists are now featured on the Concept Home 2030 website.

A panel of jurors will be determining the final winning idea at a live judging event on 22 January 2022.

Apart from this, the finalists will also be vying for another prize — the People's Choice Award, which will be determined by your votes!

From left to right: Half and Life home concepts

Image via Concept Home 2030

Want to have a say in what future homes could look like? Then vote for your favourite designs on the website before 22 January 2022!

The design with the most votes will win the People's Choice Award — which doubles as a signal to developers on what Malaysians are looking for in their future homes.

Whether you're looking for homes that are more eco-friendly or homes that can potentially manage house chores for you, you'll finally get to have a say by choosing your favourite design. And perhaps, it might just get turned into a prototype! 

All in all, Sime Darby Property hopes that Concept Home 2030 will challenge the norm, adapt to ever-changing needs, and reimagine the way we live in the future

From left to right: S Haus and Juxtaposed Dwelling home concepts

Image via Concept Home 2030

Sime Darby Property's Group Managing Director, Dato' Azmir Merican said, "The principle of 'form follows function' has served our society for generations, and that needs to change. To shape the future of how we live, we must discover trailblazing ideas from visionaries of the built realm, and that is what Concept Home 2030 aims to achieve.

"Where better to start this paradigm shift than with the quintessential Malaysian terrace homes? The biggest challenges for these homes have always been the cost incurred and their lack of sustainable features. Here, we aim to discover terrace homes which can be built efficiently with flexible use of space and allow functional versatility in homes.

"Through this competition, we want to see the vision of tomorrow's homes in-built with sophisticated technology and features that can improve quality of life and enhance productivity."

Can't wait to find out what are the top 10 groundbreaking ideas proposed by some of Malaysia's brightest architects? Head over to the Concept Home 2030 website and vote for your favourite now!

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