Netizen Shares How Air Ticket Pic Allows People To Cancel Your Flight & Leak Passport No

"Please warn all your friends about this. This is something anybody can do with some ill intentions, they can get into a lot of your details."

Cover image via @coachjasonho (TikTok)

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Ever seen someone post a photo like this on their social media when travelling?

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Or like this?

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If you or someone you know has been doing this, you probably want to stop, as it might be giving away vital information about yourself that could be dangerous

A performance coach from Singapore, who goes by the name Jason Ho, recently shared on TikTok why you should avoid posting a photo of your flight ticket.

For educational purposes, he gave an example of how he was recently able to retract important information on an influencer simply based on a 0.5 second snippet of her flight ticket and passport that she had posted on Facebook. 

To prove his point, he shared screenshots and pointed out all the details one can find out in just that short glimpse:

He explained that the flight ticket showed her full name and the most important part, the e-ticket number, which he had censored.

"Please warn all your friends about this. This is something anybody can do with some ill intentions, they can get into a lot of your details," he shared.

Ho illustrated his point based on Singapore Airlines, but this could apply to any other airline company too

"Only thing they need to do is go to Singapore Airlines [website] and go to 'Manage Booking'."

Once you've filled in the e-ticket number and last name seen on the flight ticket, you have access to see their 'Booking Reference', can download the receipt of their air ticket, see where the person is sitting on the flight, and which flight they are on.

"You can even see the last four digits on their credit card," he continued.

Under the flight details, he explained that he could change or cancel the person's flight, which is dangerous

He went on to explain that there was a lot more personal information he could access under that section, as well as the person's passport number and passport expiry date. 

In addition, you can easily find out the person's email address and phone number that were both listed under the contact details.

He ended the video by urging people to never, ever post a photo of their flight ticket.

If you do, he said to remember to cover your details with your thumb, especially the e-ticket number.

He added that the influencer's video has since expired (so don't go searching for it) and that he has personally messaged her to warn her about it.

Ho's TikTok video has been liked over 31,200 times since he shared it two days ago.

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