Two Sisters Open Malaysia's First Hijab-Friendly Pilates Studio In Titiwangsa

Despite having opening just last month, the studio has already attracted significant attention from social media users.

Cover image via Farah Nadia Muhammad Sabri (Provided to SAYS)

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In Malaysia, pilates has long been a favoured mind-body exercise among women, thanks to its appealing health benefits.

Yet, for hijabi women, finding a studio that accommodates their needs can be a challenge.

In January, two sisters took it upon themselves to address this gap by launching Malaysia's first hijab-friendly pilates studio.

Located in Titiwangsa, Bliss Society was established by 33-year-old twins Farah Lyana Muhammad Sabri and Farah Nadia Muhammad Sabri.

Despite having opening just last month, the studio has already garnered significant attention from social media users who have been longing for such a welcoming space.

Bliss Pilates founders, Farah Nadia Muhammad Sabri (left) and Farah Lyana Muhammad Sabri.

Image via Farah Nadia Muhammad Sabri (Provided to SAYS)

Before opening their own studio, Farah Nadia recounted how several pilates instructors had deemed their modest attire "inappropriate" for the workout

"We've been studio hopping and had quite several unpleasant experiences in some of the studios. Some instructors made a remark about my hijab and how 'inappropriate' my outfit was for pilates.

"I wore loose types of sports tops and parkas, but apparently, it didn't sit well with some instructors," Farah Nadia told SAYS.

Determined not to give up their passion for pilates, the twins then launched Bliss Society and have since hired four full-time instructors.

The studio is also fully equipped with reformers and offers a variety of classes for beginners, including mat pilates, which incorporates the use of props such as dumbbells, rollers, pilates rings, and therabands.

Bliss Society is a welcoming space open to all women, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for their workout sessions

The studio's interior decor is both inviting and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a Bali-inspired ambience with rattan elements tastefully incorporated throughout the space, while large windows allow natural light to flood the room.

According to Farah Nadia, visitors have expressed approval for the studio's concept, noting that they feel comfortable and at ease while exercising in the inviting environment.

"They like the fact that they can work out without men in the same room. Some of the hijabis are even comfortable enough to take off their hijabs during our pilates session.

"Our clients also mentioned that our studio is very beginner-friendly, in the sense that the workout isn't too intense for first-timers trying out reformer pilates," she said.

The 33-year-old added that clients from all corners of the Klang Valley, including Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Kajang, Bangi, Shah Alam, Setia Alam, and beyond, have travelled to Bliss Society to experience their workouts.

During Bliss Society's opening day on Sunday, 21 January, more than 300 women visited the studio to secure their spot for free trial classes

"We've received an overwhelming response since the studio's opening less than a month ago. Some influencers even came and did content voluntarily to join in on the hype.

"We're also beyond grateful that Bliss Society has been a massive hit with the hijabi community," said Farah Nadia.

In the future, the sisters plan to expand Bliss Society by opening a mini in-house café that will be open to both men and women, providing everyone with a comfortable space to sit and dine while waiting for their significant others during workout sessions.

Interested in doing pilates in this hijab-friendly space?

Here's where you can find Bliss Society:

14, Jalan Kuantan, Titiwangsa,
53200, Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
8am - 8pm (Monday - Friday)
8am - 4pm (Saturday - Sunday)

Website | Instagram

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