12 Struggles All Guys In Relationships Can Relate To When Planning Valentine's Day

Why don't they just tell us what they actually want?

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1. When your girlfriend claims she doesn't care about Valentine's Day...

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You know her too well... 

2. Your girlfriend says she doesn't want anything but you know that if you don't get her anything she will totally merajuk even though she said she didn't want anything

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You're supposed to know.

3. You go online to check out bouquets... OMG why do flowers cost so much?!

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4. Aiya... maybe buy later lah. Think about it first.

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Seriously, why spend so much money on something you cannot keep? 

5. So you try to make your own gift but Pinterest is a lie

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6. Ok ok, you just buy the flowers. Alamak. Sold out.

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7. So you decide to get chocolates because girls like chocolates! But then you remember...

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8. And you know if you give her chocolates, she might react with...

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9. You text your girlfriend's BFFs to find out what to get her

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10. But they are only making you more confused

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11. You start calling restaurants to make a reservation but everywhere is fully booked

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12. You consider cooking for her because it's more romantic but your food is...

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Oh well, at least you know you're not alone!

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Don't leave your planning til the last minute! Swarovski has announced their Valentine's Day 2018 collection and it's the perfect gift for this special day <3

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Here's a sneak peek of the new Valentine's Day collection:

The Lifelong designs: treat those you love the most to irresistibly chic designs inspired by a symbol of lifelong commitment - the knot.

Lifelong bangle - RM549, Lifelong hoop pierced earrings - RM399

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The Lovely designs: say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day with an interlocking heart and circle, symbolizing the unique bond between two people.

Lovely bracelet - RM549, Lovely necklace - RM549

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The Love designs: classic white stones and a delicate red heart create that unmistakable Swarovski sparkle, a timeless gift for your loved one.

Love necklace - RM549, Love ring - RM499

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For a gift that's both beautiful and functional, check out the Crystalline Pink Watch

The romantic design features a glitzy heart on a white silver-tone sunray dial. It shines with approximately 850 Crystalline-set crystals and a rose gold-tone coated stainless steel case.

Crystalline Pink Watch - RM1,890

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Leave your Valentine struggles behind by giving your girl a little sparkle she can wear for years to come! View the Swarovski Valentine's Day 2018 collection now.

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Worried she won't like it? Swarovski allows 14-days exchange* with receipt and comes with a 2-year warranty*.

Plus if you shop now, you'll receive a set of crystallized Red Packets* with a purchase of RM288** worth of regular priced items. Top up to RM680** to receive a crystallized Metallic wallet*!

*Terms and conditions apply.
**From 30 Jan – 26 Feb.

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What Valentine's Day struggles have you faced? Let us know in the comments section below!

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