[VIDEO] Malaysians Try Sunsilk's New Collagen Shampoos & Conditioners. What's The Verdict?

This brand new range is said to moisturise and repair damaged hair, while keeping it silky and smooth.

Cover image via SAYS (YouTube)

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Ever heard of collagen? Apparently, it's good for both your skin and hair :O

Collagen is a structural protein that's found throughout the body, and is the main building block for our muscles, skin, and bones. While it's used abundantly in skincare products, it's a bit more rare to see it being used in haircare products.

But, Sunsilk has a new range of shampoos that actually contain collagen, oooo! Consisting of Power Shine, Damage Rescue, and Volume Booster, this brand new range is said to moisturise and repair damaged hair, while keeping it silky and smooth. 

In collaboration with Sunsilk, we decided to put the collagen shampoos to the test! How did the shampoos affect our hair?

Watch the full video below to see what went down:

First, everyone had to test how healthy their hair is by running a brush through their tresses. Turns out, all of them had tangles, jeng jenggg!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Lyanne: "But before we send you guys the products to test it out, we're just gonna try and test your hair to see how healthy your hair is doing." 

Ashley: "Oh my gosh!"

Tammy: "Ohh lots of tangles, I haven't brushed it in a long time." 

Iylia: "Look, if I don't comb, it becomes like that!"

Dun worry, they eventually get to try Sunsilk's shampoos, and their first reactions were pretty positive

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Tammy: "It seems kind of soft with just the shampoo so far."

Iylia: "Wow, that went in like super easy."

Tammy was super glad that her bleached hair felt so soft after washing. She could even run her fingers through it with ease!

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Tammy: "It really made my hair feel very soft. I think that's the good thing about Sunsilk conditioner, like what I'm looking for is that, when I'm washing itself, it feels soft. I can put my hand through it and no tangles!"

Something that caught everyone's eye was the shimmery glitter present in the shampoo, so pretttyyyy

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Ashley: "Yeah it smells good, and like, the glitter?"

Iylia: "Yeah, that was so cool!"

Tammy: "Sparkly!"

Lyanne: "So, actually the glitter that you see in the shampoo is the collagen particles itself."

Iylia: "Okay, that's cool, I did not know that."

Of course, they all had to test their hair again after using the shampoo, and everyone's tresses felt so much smoother and silkier :D

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Tammy: "Ooh, no tangles at all!" 

Iylia: "Look, you can see that."

Tammy: "Yeah, that is such a refreshing thing, man." 

Ashley: "Oh my gosh, Tammy with the wind!" 

Tammy: "Am I Beyonce now?" 

All in all, Sunsilk's Collagen Range is a great choice to help you rejuvenate and nourish your mane

Aside from keeping your hair feeling moisturised throughout the day, the shampoo also protects it from harmful UV rays while you're out in the sun, and even from the heat that comes from hair styling.

Each variant serves a different purpose:
- Power Shine: Nourishes dull strands, giving hair a smooth and glossy look
- Damage Rescue: Helps with hair breakage and damaged hair
- Volume Booster: Volumises limp and flat hair

The reason why collagen is such an important part of these shampoos is because it helps to lock in the moisture in your hair, which in turn helps repair the breakage.

By using Sunsilk's Collagen Range on a long term basis, you'll find that your hair will become strong and healthy, due to the amount of nourishment it receives during a wash :D

Find out more about Sunsilk's Collagen Range on their website

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