10 Small Online Businesses Selling Locally-Made Play Kits & Adorable Children's Toys

For hours of fun and imaginative sensory play.

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1. Felt with Love

Felt with Love is owned by a passionate creator who makes cute animals, accessories, decorative items, and felt play mats using non-woven felt. Engage your child's creativity with these aesthetic themed felt play mats that can be customised with different designs on both sides for double the fun.

They also make adorable felt flower hair clips, headbands, and other brightly coloured accessories that your child would enjoy. 

Price range:
RM12.50 - RM25

Visit their Shopee, Facebook, or Instagram for more information.

2. PEG and PLAY

Founded by a busy mum of two who loves arts and crafts, PEG and PLAY specialises in handpainted artisanal peg dolls and wooden toys. Each peg doll is child-friendly, as it's painted with non-toxic acrylic paint and sealer.

You may order customised character sets, family sets, wedding-themed couple sets, and much more. Your kids will love playing with mini doll versions of themselves and their family members!

From RM30 (Kids dolls)
From RM40 (Individual dolls)
From RM100 (Wedding keepsake)
From RM120 (Family of four)
From RM200 (Character playsets)

Visit their Shopee or Instagram for more information.

3. Honeybee Playdough

Honeybee Playdough sells handcrafted playdough that's made from 100% natural, non-toxic, and fragrance-free ingredients. Their playdough is infused with nourishing coconut oil, which offers antibacterial properties to protect your child's hands.

You can get their sensory jars that are filled with colourful playdough, cute figurines, and unique trinkets to engage your child with sensory play sessions that are safe, creative, and visually stimulating.

RM12 - RM21

Visit their Shopee or Instagram for more information.

4. Dough Little

Dough Little was founded by a mother of two who has a PhD in stem cell biology and loves all things crafty, sweet, and girly. Inspired by her daughter's fondness for playdough, she decided to experiment and create playdough that's child-friendly and safer for her. 

Noting the success of her creation, she started selling sensory boxes and jars with her handmade playdough to encourage young Malaysian parents to raise their kids with a screen-free lifestyle that's both educational and entertaining.

RM15 - RM129

Visit their website or Instagram for more information.

5. The Playroom

The Playroom offers a collection of unique homemade sensory kits for children to encourage their cognitive growth and stimulate their creativity through imaginative play.

They sell a variety of interesting playsets, including colourful sorting and counting games, garden play kits, playdough, rainbow rice kits, colourful beads kitchen playsets, and lots more. There's enough to keep your kids entertained for hours on end.

Price not specified.

Visit their Instagram for more information.

6. Modle Play

Modle Play makes modular learning playsets and wooden furniture for kids. Selling wooden blocks and cubes, slats and building boards, triangle climbing frames, and slides, Modle Play gives kids the freedom and opportunity to build almost anything, including railway tracks, racecourses, mazes, and more!

Their Pikler triangle climbing frame, KLYMB, is built to encourage children to stand, climb, and conquer at their own pace. This helps cultivate confidence and builds strength in kids as they achieve new developmental stages.

RM39.90 - RM678

Visit their website, Shopee, or Instagram for more information.

7. Whee! Toys

If you're looking for an open-ended, multi-functional toy for your toddler, look no further than Whee! Toys. They specialise in a balance board that not only children, but also adults, can enjoy, and it helps improve motor development skills like balance, posture, and strength. 

Their balance boards are beautifully handcrafted in Sarawak, and come in two beautiful shades with a leatherette (faux leather) finishing to protect your floor. There are many other ways to use a balance board, and you can incorporate it into your child's open play with endless possibilities.

RM280 (Standard size)
RM420 (Jumbo size)

Visit their Instagram for more information.

8. Damai Kids

Founded by a mum, Damai Kids offers ethically curated and handmade baby teethers and accessories that are functional and stylish. Aside from that, they have baby snack cups and spoons, minimalistic silicone plates, and pacifier pouches.

They also sell handsewn batik baby bibs made from 100% cotton batik on the front and luxurious velvet fabric on the back. Imagine how cute and fashionable your baby will look while wearing it!

RM10.90 - RM49.90

Visit their website and Instagram for more information.

9. baba baa MY

baba baa creates fun and interactive auditory books that educate children through sight and sound while inspiring a love for local Southeast Asian culture. These immersive children's books incorporate exciting visuals and catchy sing-along tunes, while simultaneously teaching them vocabulary, numbers, and cultural lessons.

With titles like Rasa Sayang, Tepuk Amai-Amai, and Bawang Putih Bawang Merah, these illustrated books are filled with captivating stories complete with sound buttons that play songs and sound effects. These will be a meaningful addition to your child's bookshelf. 

RM43.90 - RM110

Visit their website or Instagram for more information.

10. Busy Mom Busy Play

Busy Mom Busy Play makes rainbow rice and more for sensory and messy play, which is important as it allows children to explore their environment, inspire their curiosity, and improves their learning and creativity through exciting tactile and sensory experiences. 

The rice is dyed in eye-catching colours to stimulate children's visual senses, and is convenient to use, easy to store, and won't leave stains. They also have a rainbow board game that teaches kids to differentiate between colours of the rainbow using chips and pom poms.

RM8 - RM50

Contact them on WhatsAppShopee, or Instagram for more information.

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