Collect These Cute Special Edition LINE FRIENDS Pouches When You Buy Sunsilk Shampoo

Make sure to grab 'em all before it's too late!

Cover image via @fatinsyahirahroszizi (Instagram) & Sunsilk (Edited by SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Sunsilk.

If you like the adorable LINE FRIENDS characters, you'll definitely wanna get your hands on the latest LINE FRIENDS pouches, they're sooo cute!

All you have to do is buy the Sunsilk Activ-Infusion Special Edition branded pack at your nearest Guardian outlet. Each one comes with a cosmetic pouch featuring a different LINE FRIENDS character. There are individual designs of BROWN, CONY, and CHOCO, as well as a group design of BROWN, CONY, and SALLY.

Take a look at the cute designs:

Make sure to collect all the pouches before it's too late!

Also in the Sunsilk Activ-Infusion Special Edition branded packs are two bottles of Sunsilk shampoo, which is now enriched with Activ-Infusion, a unique blend of oils, proteins, and vitamins for smooth and fragrant hair

Knowing that life is full of possibilities to explore, Sunsilk wants to make sure that hair woes are the last thing that'll hold you back. With upgraded Activ-Infusion, Sunsilk aims to give you healthy and fragrant hair, so that you can get out there and make your dreams come true — big or small. 

You got this, gurl!

Consisting of essential nutrients for your hair, each variant of Sunsilk now includes a distinctive Activ-Infusion blend of protein, vitamins, and oils to address different hair needs.

Here's a closer look at each variant and what it contains:

1. Smooth & Manageable — For those wanting smooth, soft, and fragrant hair

Contains Activ-Infusion with vitamin C to fight frizz and keep hair manageable, argan oil to make hair smooth, and elastin, which has hydrating properties.

Check out what popular Malaysian girl group DOLLA and national skateboarder Fatin have to say about this variant:

2. Anti-Dandruff — For those with dandruff and itchy scalp

Contains Activ-Infusion with tea tree oil for its soothing and antioxidant properties, ProAd activ that fights dandruff and relieves itch, and vitamin B3 which nourishes hair.

3. Clean & Fresh — For those wanting a cleansed scalp, and usually deal with with rough, dry hair or itchy scalp

Contains Activ-Infusion with citrus oil to freshen hair, aloe vera protein to hydrate hair, and vitamin C to fight pollutants.

4. Hair Fall Solution — For those who have hair fall concerns

Contains Activ-Infusion with almond oils for breakage protection, soy protein to hydrate hair, and vitamin E to nourish hair.

So, no matter what your hair concern is, Sunsilk has a variant to help you achieve those flawless locks of your dreams, hehe. Plus, you'll even get a cute LINE FRIENDS pouch along with it, yaaaas! :D

Hurry and grab the Sunsilk Activ-Infusion Special Edition branded packs at your nearest Guardian outlet or via the Guardian website before they're all gone!

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