Donating Food, Providing Laptops & More — Here's How Sunway Rose To The Occasion In 2021

Sunway has achieved so much in the past year, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Although the past year has been difficult for many Malaysians, particularly B40 families and those hit by the flood disasters, Sunway has risen to the occasion to help the rakyat in every way possible

Throughout 2021, Sunway has sprung into action to reach out and provide different kinds of aid to more than 70,000 Malaysians through reputable NGOs and corporate partners such as Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRC), Selangor Youth Community (SAY), DHRRA Malaysia, Naweem, and FFM Berhad.

Plus, knowing how many Malaysians could not return home to celebrate Chinese New Year and Hari Raya due to surging COVID-19 cases earlier this year, Sunway made a heartwarming gesture of bringing the festive cheer to Malaysians at home.

That's not all. Sunway continues to live up to its #SunwayForGood initiatives that are aligned with the brand's commitment to three areas — education, healthcare, and community enrichment — as well as the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

This heartfelt video showcases some of the things Sunway has done through their #SunwayForGood initiatives. Watch it below:

Here's a closer look at how Sunway has been making an impact in 2021:

1. Helping out in the recent flood disasters across the country

Amidst the rising COVID-19 cases in January, several areas in the east coast were hit by torrential monsoon rains, causing severe flash floods that were touted as the worst flooding in the past 50 years. Noticing how badly the east coast areas were affected, Sunway swiftly brought together their hotels, shopping malls, pharmacies, and more under the #SunwayForGood intiative to provide several non-governmental organisations in in the east coast with aid worth over RM100,000.

Additionally, upon hearing news about the flood disaster in Klang and Shah Alam on 18 December, Sunway Putra Hotel and Sunway Pyramid immediately provided flood assistance together with Malaysia Red Crescent and Selangor Youth Community. Sunway Putra Hotel packed and delivered 200 meals to Taman Kemuning Utama, Shah Alam by 9.30pm, while Sunway Pyramid provided 450 meals to victims in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam by 11pm.

Over the next few days, Sunway continuously worked with many corporations to provide aid to flood victims throughout Klang Valley.

Here are some of the things they have done so far:

- Sunway Medical's Telemedicine Command Centre assigned medical personnel to victims' homes to provide nursing assistance and give out 2,000 bottles of hand sanitiser
- Sunway Medical arranged for an ambulance to pick up and send a bedridden elderly stranded at SK Seri Muda to PPUM
- Sunway Medical Centre sent medical personnel to conduct COVID-19 swab tests for 1,000 flood victims
- Sunway Pyramid, MarryBrown, SUPER Coffee, Nestlé Malaysia, and FFM Berhad donated food items to victims. This included 500 burgers to frontliners, 4,000 Massimo buns, 2,400 units of Marina Sardine, 2,400 units of Marina Tuna 185g, 200 cartons of MILO, and more.
- Sunway Pyramid also delivered 200 packed meals to victims in Batu Tiga, Shah Alam, and another 200 in Banting
- Sunway Pharma donated 500 standard testing kits and 70 boxes of face masks
- Sunway Putra Hotel also prepared 900 packs of nasi goreng for those stranded in Shah Alam and Bukit Changgang
- Sunway Lagoon provided 1,200 towels, t-shirts, and umbrellas, on top of 400 packed lunches for frontliners and flood victims
- Sunway University opened The Waterfront Residence to staff, students, and families affected by the flood
- Together with their volunteers, Sunway Lost World of Tambun and Sunway City Ipoh Property headed to Teluk Intan to donate cleaning tools such as water hoses, brushes, and brooms, and also assisted to clean 30 homes that were ravaged by the flood
- Working with MRC, Sunway sent cleaning items to Mentakab, Pahang in January 2022
- Sunway also sent essential hygiene products and groceries to evacuation centres in Johor

2. Spreading joy and festive cheer to orphans, old folks, and the homeless through their #SunwayForGood initiative

In their effort to promote inclusivity and embrace Malaysian diversity, Sunway celebrated all the festive seasons in muhibbah spirit under its #SunwayForGood umbrella.

On top of contributing seven laptops and one year's worth of WiFi to children's homes in Perak, Sunway also donated lunches, vitamin C, hand sanitisers, ang pows, festive cookies, as well as school bags to them during Chinese New Year. 

During Hari Raya, Sunway reached out to 30,000 Malaysians in orphanages, masjids, suraus, old folks homes, homeless shelters, a hospital, and a women's prison to extend the Raya festive cheer. From giving out packed meals and bubur lambuk to groceries and essentials, Sunway truly embraced the spirit of Ramadan and Raya.

And that's not all. Sunway brought hope to B40 families during Deepavali by providing close to 30,000kg of essential groceries and food worth more than RM170,000 to a total of 863 families for three consecutive months.

3. Sunway turns their Hari Kebangsaan advertising budget into funds to help the B40 community

In conjunction with Hari Kebangsaan and Malaysia Day, Sunway used their advertising funds to donate more than 25,000kg of food to 2,100 B40 families across Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Perak, Penang, and Johor.

This was done by working closely with the Development of Human Resources for Rural Areas (DHRRA) to identify around 1,000 B40 families in need in Selangor and Perak, and then delivering groceries and basic necessities directly to them.

Meanwhile, in Penang and Johor, Sunway collaborated with Kechara Soup Kitchen and Malaysian Red Crescent to provide food aid to hundreds of B40 families below the poverty line.

The essential provisions that were delivered to those in need included rice, salt, condensed milk, sugar, oil, canned food, and packs of coffee provided by SUPER Coffee.

These are just a few examples of how Sunway has been doing good under the #SunwayForGood umbrella.

Throughout the past year, Sunway has also taken the lead in vaccination programmes, helped out B40 families, and more, with no signs of slowing down.

In fact, as their 50th anniversary celebration approaches, Sunway has embarked on a mission to fulfil four pledges by 2024.

Check out the four pledges:

- Build and refurbish at least 50 libraries through the Sunway READ programme
- Pack a total of one million meals for undernourished communities
- Set up 50 urban farms for 50 orphanages
- Together with the National Kidney Foundation, provide basic health screening for 50 Orang Asli communities

Through their #SunwayForGood initiative, Sunway wants to continue promoting the importance of sustainability and conducting social responsibility efforts in order to build a more equitable and resilient Malaysia. Putting it simply, Sunway has truly embraced the #kitajagakita spirit.

Find out more about what Sunway has done and wants to continue doing in the coming years on their website today

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