[SURVEY] What Do Malaysians Think About The Crypto Market? Share Your Answers With Us!

Are you feeling bullish or bearish for 2023?

Cover image via Art Rachen (Unsplash) & Luno

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The recent RinggitPlus Financial Literacy Survey 2022 found that Malaysians are struggling financially due to the economy and rising costs of living.

Similarly, the crypto landscape is also feeling the effects of a chilly period, further compounded by the collapse of prominent crypto exchanges.

2022 was called the 'crypto winter', and was affected by various factors, including rising interest rates and cost of living, the fall of unregulated crypto exchanges like FTX, the bankruptcy of crypto hedge funds, fraudulent activities, as well as the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war.

Nevertheless, not all is bleak in the cryptocurrency world.

The same RinggitPlus survey found that while investor confidence in digital assets took a dip, it still recorded a slight uptick in interest for investing in cryptocurrency, compared to 14% in 2021. Crypto was also the third most popular form of investment for Malaysians, just behind unit trusts and stocks.

Furthermore, parts of the market are hoping that a shift towards utility, global adoption, and regulation will help to relaunch cryptocurrency on an upward trajectory.

So, what do you think of the cryptocurrency market in 2023 — are you feeling bullish or bearish?

In partnership with Luno, we're running a survey to help us gauge concerns, hopes, and expectations that Malaysians have with the overall digital assets landscape.

Wanna chime in? Take the survey below:

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So, what do Malaysians really think of the crypto market in 2023?

Keep an eye out for the detailed survey results, coming soon!

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Thank you for participating in this survey! Remember to keep a lookout for the results, which you can read about real soon.

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