A Taiwanese Duo Created The Perfect Bubble Tea Cup That Also Saves The Environment

It also sets the ice right in the middle of the cup so that the temperature is balanced.

Cover image via Float/Behance (Edited by SAYS)

Two Taiwanese designers may have just cracked the code when it comes to loving bubble tea while also saving the environment.

Meet Float.

Image via Float/Behance

Designed by Mickey Wu and Gang Shih, 'Float' is a non-straw glass cup that is made for bubble tea lovers who want to save the world in more ways than just saying "Tak Nak Straw".

Wu and Gang Shih are both industrial designers from Taipei, Taiwan.

The cup's most prominent feature is definitely the lack of need for a straw - whether of the plastic or metal variety

Image via Float/Behance

The cup comes with a small, easy-to-clean container where the pearls are poured into.

According to Design Taxi, the smaller container is made of BPA-free Tritan copolyester.

Image via Float/Behance

The container also acts as a kind of "barrier" that holds the ice in the middle of the cup - ensuring the temperature and concentration of the drink is balanced

Additionally, Float is made with environmentally-friendly recycled glass

Image via Float/Behance

The duo partnered with Spring Pool Glass to get the materials needed to make the cup.

Not sure if it's a conscious design, but the cover of the cup also resembles a colourful pearl. :p

Gang Shih confirmed with Eater that Float will be manufactured and sold to the public, beginning with Taiwan.

Check out the crowdfunding page here.

In the meantime, the rest of us will have to do maths to maximise the joy of drinking bubble tea:

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