All The Things You'll Wanna Buy When Miniso's Marvel Collection Lands In Malaysia

The 'Marvel x Miniso' collection lands 30 August.

Cover image via Ahmad Saeed on Facebook/Twitter @yeo_yeoshin (Edited by SAYS)

Back in March, China-based household product retailer Miniso announced a tie-up with Marvel that would result in 2,000 new licensed products

Image via PR Newswire

The products will be available in over 123 countries across five continents, reported PR Newswire.

Fans can expect products featuring the most prominent members of The Avengers, including Captain America, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Thor.

'Miniso X Marvel' will finally assemble in Malaysia on Friday, 30 August.

Here's a look at what fans can probably expect:

Most of the products are things that fans can wear and use, such as tumblers, socks, and even coin purses

There are accessories for your phones and other tech...

... And products for your daily skincare and beauty regime, too.

Your 'pasar malam' slippers have nothing on these marvellous designs

For fans who prefer the retro print days, there is a collection of generic Marvel-branded products that take on a classic comic book look

Time to start writing down your wishlist!

The 'Marvel x Miniso' collection will be available at its Nu Sentral outlet. Follow Miniso Malaysia's Facebook page for more information.

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