This Mum Transforms Old Clothes Into Fresh Outfits And The Results Are Amazing

Other than a sewing class in school, Sarah has had no formal experience with sewing.

Cover image via @sarahtyau/Instagram

'Upcycling' is the act of transforming old products into new materials of better quality

Sarah Tyau is a stay-at-home mother of three. She is also a lifestyle blogger who 'upcycles' her own clothing.

Before she got married, Sarah used to spend all her money on clothes. However, after starting a family, she realised she had to be more responsible with her money.

One time, Sarah saw an outfit she really liked. Unfortunately, the price was over her budget.

She remembered having two tops that looked similar to the one she wanted, so she decided to combine the tops to create a completely different version that resembled it.

Don't let her super chic outfits fool you. Other than a sewing class in school, the 35-year-old has had no formal experience with sewing.

"My skills are actually very basic. Actually quite few skills are needed in refashioning since you keep the button holes, darts, zippers, and it’s mostly just straight stitching," Sarah told Bored Panda.

Her new-and-improved outfits were so popular that people wanted to learn how they could revamp their clothing. Since then, Sarah has been posting tutorials on her blog and Instagram.

Aside from making clothes for herself, Sarah also recreates super adorable outfits for her children

For those who want to start 'upcycling', Sarah recommends starting with minor changes like adding a belt, or mixing and matching fabric

She told My Modern Met that she hopes to be able to have her own clothing line in the future.

You can check out her blog here.

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