These 7 Insider Tips Will Help You Make The Most Out Of Taobao’s 11.11 Sale

Learn how to buy more for less!

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Are y'all ready to shop 'till you drop during the upcoming 11.11 sale?!

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The most anticipated online sale of the year is almost upon us again and we want to make sure you're fully prepared to properly take advantage of it!

So if you're planning to spend your 11.11 on Taobao, here are some insider tips on how you can get the most out of it:

1. Don't wait until 11.11 to start shopping

Why risk not being able to get your hands on the items you want? From now until 10 November 2018, you can browse and select from 500,000 available products and start adding them into your cart. You'll even get additional promotional coupons. Then all you have to do on 11.11 is just check out with amazing sale prices.

2. Sign up as a Taobao member now to enjoy exclusive benefits

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Not only will brand new Taobao members receive a RMB20 (RM12.09) voucher, you'll also be exempted from credit card and online banking transaction fees for your first purchase via Taobao's mobile app. Plus, you'll even be able to enjoy RMB2.99 (RM1.81) Flash Deals and free shipping on your first purchase.

3. Use coupons to get extra discounts on your purchases

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Stock up on coupons from your favourite brands and stores from now 'till 10 November 2018 so that you can offset the purchase price of your must-have items and get extra cool bargains on 11.11.

4. Grab as many of Taobao's special red packets as you can

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From 8 November 2018 onwards, Taobao will be giving out red packets (containing vouchers that can only be used on 11.11) at 10am and 4pm daily. The red packets are of various denominations - which one you get depends on how much you spend.

Here's the breakdown:
Spend RMB499 (RM301.55) = Red packet worth RMB30 (RM18.13)
Spend RMB899 (RM543.27) = Red packet worth RMB60 (RM36.26)
Spend RMB1,699 (RM1,026.71) = Red packet worth RMB150 (RM90.64)

5. Look out for the daily vouchers, RMB11.11 (RM6.71) flash deals, and promo codes worth RMB555 (RM335.39) from the Tmall Signature Store

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The Tmall Signature Store on Taobao will not only be offering daily vouchers of up to 50% off, but will also be having flash deals with prices starting from as low as RMB11.11 (RM6.71).

And on 11.11 itself, Tmall will release promo codes worth RMB555 (RM335.39) when you spend a minimum of RMB1,111 (RM671.38) at the following timings: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 6pm.

6. Shop at the Tmall Signature Store to enjoy free shipping

All shoppers in Malaysia will get free shipping on up to 2,500 items for any purchases made at the Tmall Signature Store.

7. Take advantage of the fact that no transaction fee will be charged

On 11.11, credit card users in Malaysia will enjoy exemption on transaction fees and the first 150,000 online banking transaction fees will be waived too!

Now you're all set to shop on Taobao like a pro - you'll definitely be able to buy more for less during their epic 11.11 sale. Happy shopping guys! :D

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