DeGem Launches Their Latest Stylish And Affordable Diamond Jewellery Collection

Simple and contemporary pieces for the modern woman!

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It's a common misconception that diamonds are too expensive to own

That's why DeGem is breaking down barriers and inviting everyone to experience affordable luxury with their latest jewellery line. Soleluna by DeGem proves that diamond jewellery can be stylish and fashionable for the everyday woman.

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Soleluna is playful yet sophisticated, and totally embodies the spirit of the modern woman. Under the Soleluna brand, DeGem has designed a new diamond jewellery collection called ‘Ajyle’.

Derived from the word 'agile', the Ajyle collection features unique linear designs that look seamless and infinite. Crafted in 10K white and rose gold with brilliant natural diamonds and exquisite gemstones, this new collection features contemporary jewellery pieces that are stylish, eye-catching, and perfect for any occasion.

Check out our top 5 picks from the Soleluna collection:

1. The AJYLE Rhythm Diamond Ring is edgy, exciting, and will rock any outfit

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Details: 10k White Gold with 26pcs of diamonds
Price: RM1,200

2. Minimalistic and playful, the Soleluna Harmony Diamond Bangle and Soleluna Harmony Line Diamond Bangle are sleek, simple, and totally gorgeous

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Soleluna Harmony Diamond Bangle
Details: 10k White Gold with 15pcs of diamonds
Price: RM1,500

Soleuna Harmony Line Diamond Bangle
Details: 10k White Gold with 15pcs of diamonds
Price: RM2,100

3. The AJYLE Harmony Diamond Earrings come with adjustable unity cubes that allow you to customise the length and look to your preference

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Details: 10k White Gold with 56pcs of diamonds
Price: RM2,500

4. The AJYLE Grace Drop Diamond Earrings add whimsy and fun to any outfit with a splash of shimmer

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Details: 10k White Gold with 66pcs of diamonds
Price: RM2,900

5. Designed with fluid lines and subtle sparkles, the AJYLE Grace Topaz Diamond Necklace is a must-have

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Details: 10k White Gold with 34pcs of diamonds and Blue Topaz gemstone
Price: RM3,900

You know what Marilyn says!

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Treat yourself to beautiful diamond fashion jewellery that's versatile and affordable with DeGem. View the full Ajyle collection now!

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