We Checked Out The Designer Who Made The Viral Maggi Bag And Holy Sh*t The Price

All it needs now is a packet of seasoning.

Cover image via Rommy De Bommy

High fashion strikes again with this quirky handbag resembling instant noodles

Image via Rommy De Bommy

Pictures of this bizarre bag have gone viral on the Internet this past week so we thought we'd find out how much it really costs.

Its price? Only RM1640.

Image via Rommy De Bommy

Despite it's unforgiving price tag, it's still pretty darn epic. Just look at it.

Image via Rommy De Bommy

Its lifelike detailing totally makes it look like uncooked noodles. 

Image via Rommy De Bommy

The bag in question is a custom creation by Dutch designer Rommy Kuperus who handmakes whimsical accessories like this package of raw meat bag

Image via Rommydebommy

She uses clay, foam, PU leather, and paint to make her designs come to life.

Like many artists, she gets her inspiration from everyday places around her like the supermarket or in nature.

She also makes stuff for the men like these comical bow ties

Image via Rommydebommy
Image via Rommydebommy

Her products can be found on Etsy as RommyDeBommy and on her website.

Speaking of bizarre accessories, this woman makes outfits out of actual food:

Other crazy high fashion designs we may never understand:

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