When You Have That One Friend Who Can REALLY EAT, You Know That...

When there's food, there's good mood.

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1. Their teenage version could eat 6 burgers for dinner, but now, only 5.

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2. He cannot tahan steamboat - WHERE IS THE REAL MEAT?

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Unless it's steamboat buffet. In that case, BRING IT ON!!

3. In his mind, you're a special friend if you don't touch his food...

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4. When they go to the movies with you, they must either have supper after the movie or they'll sneak in food

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5. If you don't feed her, she's going to get hangry... and you do not want that!

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6. A single portion of their lunch is enough to feed you twice a day

7. He will not say "no" to your leftovers

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8. She always has room for dessert. Always.

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9. ...and then there's room for snacks too. Yes, 'much room'.

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10. Can't find them at the party? Go look at the snack table.

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11. He also can't stand waiting for his food. Hungry mah!

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12. It's unfair to split the bill evenly because he clearly took the most food

13. Waiters and taukehs LOVE them A LOT. "AHH, LENGCHAI! I GIVE YOU EXTRA!"

14. She doesn't have cheat days because why should eating even be called cheating?!

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15. Just because they can eat a lot, it doesn't mean that they'll eat anything

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16. And when it's your turn to belanja them makan, you get nervous...

You're thinking to yourself, "Please, please, please don't break my bank!"

Are all these talk of food and eating making you hungry yet?

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Well, in that case, make yourself even hungrier with these lists: