PSA: These 'The Alley' Bubble Tea Drinks Sold In Supermarkets Are Actually Fake

The pre-packed "canned" drinks have ingredients for the buyer to DIY their own bubble tea drink.

Cover image via SAYS/Taobao (Edited by SAYS)

You may have walked into a supermarket recently and saw these drinks bearing a familiar logo:

Image via SAYS
Image via SAYS

SAYS recently spotted the drinks being sold for RM5.90 at one supermarket in Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

However, the drinks are also being sold on various local e-commerce platforms.

The pre-packed do-it-yourself bubble tea drink contains all the ingredients one would find in The Alley's drinks

Image via The Alley

The ingredients - including actual pearls - are packed individually. Buyers are expected to make their own drink by mixing the ingredients.

Not only do the drinks bear The Alley's logo, but they also come in various bright colours and flavours.

Among the flavours available were "peach oolong milk tea", "black sugar milk tea", and "matcha milk tea".

Image via The Alley

The Alley has since announced that the pre-packed drinks are not manufactured by them

The Taiwanese bubble tea store made an announcement on Tuesday, 16 April, that the "canned drinks" being sold are fake.

"For the record, The Alley has never made or sold any canned drinks," the short statement read.

It also advised customers to refer to their official channels - such as their website, Facebook, or Instagram - for further clarification.

Although counterfeit products are a serious matter, maybe the copycat was just taking inspiration:

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