The "Crispy Rendang" Chef Is Publishing Her First Cookbook And The Shade Is Real

Zaleha Kadir-Olpin, a former Petronas accountant, was knocked out of MasterChef UK after judges criticised her chicken rendang for not being "crispy".

Cover image via That Rendang Lady on Facebook/The Telegraph (Edited by SAYS)

Remember the Kuantan-born chef who made it to the quarter finals of MasterChef UK, only to be eliminated because her chicken rendang was not crispy?

Well, 'That Rendang Lady' just announced her upcoming cookbook and the title is one good, ol' roast at the whole debacle

Zaleha Kadir-Olpin, who now proudly goes by 'That Rendang Lady' on Facebook, made the announcement yesterday, 13 May.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am feeling right now! From months of hard work to finally being able to hold it in my hands I just hope you will enjoy and appreciate it," the former Petronas accountant wrote.

Titled 'My Rendang Isn't Crispy and Other Favourite Malaysian Dishes', the cookbook will pay tribute to the dishes that Zaleha grew up with

On its Amazon page, the synopsis reads, "Malaysian-born Zaleha pays tribute to dishes she grew up with, including laksam, a rolled rice noodle dish unique to the East Coast of Malaysia; nasi lemak, one of Malaysia's most iconic dishes; as well as chicken rendang, the controversial dish she prepared on the show."

The recipes in the book are "mostly handed down from her mother and grandmother" and will "maintain traditional methods of cooking", but will still be suitable for use in a modern kitchen.

"She also shares lessons she learnt growing up in a culinary family, with insights into the importance of food in Malaysian culture. Written from the heart, this book will appeal to anyone looking to expand their flavour repertoire or just wanting to dip their toes into the delightful world of Malaysian cooking," the synopsis continues.

'My Rendang Isn't Crispy' will be published by Marshall Cavendish International and is due for release on 1 July in Asia.

Malaysians from all walks of life could not resist the opportunity to crack some jokes about "crispy rendang":

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