Know A Friend Who REALLY Wants A Man Bun? Now You Know What To Get Them For Christmas...

It's too late to be hipster. Clip-in man buns exist now.

Cover image via Goody 25 / SAYS

Men's hair fashion in 2015 was all about man buns. From celebrities and models to Instagrammers and your everyday man, guys found their level of "hotness" increase tenfold with their loosely-tied man buns.

Bonus points if you have a well-sculpted jawline and nicely groomed beard. ;)

Unfortunately, growing your hair out can be quite a time stretch. Let's not even get started on the upkeep; taking care of long hair can be tedious and requires no small amount of commitment (take it from me, I know).

Most Asians, especially the Chinese, may also find that their hair is much too fine and smooth to create a sexy man bun that does not resemble that of a sumo wrestler.

Fortunately, some enterprising souls have come up with a solution to that problem - clip-in man buns

Image via Groupon

Yeah, you read that right. Just clip on that little blob of hair when you're not feeling your "mainstream" basic hairstyle, and take it off when your bros start teasing you about it.

Originally announced as an April Fool's joke by British online store ASOS, the innovative fashion piece is now a legit accessory any fashion-forward man can purchase from Groupon

Not only does it come in 3 different colours (brown, black, and blond) to fit your luscious mane, the hairpiece is going at a pretty low price of USD9.99 (RM43.60)...

Image via Groupon

The original price is USD65.34 (RM285.18), mind you.

... Complete with delightfully hipster instructions on how to put it on

Image via Groupon

In case you're wondering why anyone would ever buy such a thing, more than 1,000 units of these clip-in man buns have been sold

Image via Groupon

We sure hope they were bought as gag gifts for office Secret Santa, coz you really gotta reevaluate your life choices if you're buying this for yourself...

If you really, really wanna buy some of the clip-in man buns, head over to Groupon US.

Also, get a load of these money-saving deals from Groupon Malaysia on the SAYS Coupons page!

Hey, maybe should get some for our own politicians! After all, they look pretty good in these Photoshopped ones...

Has the clip-in man buns scarred your retinas? Wash them out with some thirsty photos of hot, rugged hunks:

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