Backsplash Problems: The Right Way To Use A Urinal

You're taking a leak and before you know it, your stream is trailing across your shoes and backsplashing your jeans. Here's the solution to your problems! Happy International Men's Day! Happy also World Toilet Day!

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"Men Do Not Really Have Control Over Their Free-Flowing Urine At All."

"A man does not really have control over the free flowing urine at all. What I mean is: he stands there, tally-whacker in hand pointed at the toilet, and: pee shoots out sideways."
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Backsplash Is The Mixture Of Urine And Water That Gets Thrown In The Air (And Sometimes On Slacks) When Men Pee Standing Up

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That splash is due to a fluid dynamics term called the Rayleigh Instability. Basically your stream loses power about 6 inches from the urethra, scattering your spray into messy droplets.

Researchers Found That The Problem Is That At A Certain Distance The Pee Stream Breaks Up Into Individual Large Droplets, Each Drop Causing Its Own Backsplash

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"We've all been in disgusting toilets with puddles on the floor - these places are a breeding ground for bacteria," researcher Dr. Tadd Truscott, professor of mechanical engineering at Brigham Young University, told the BBC.

Apparently, The More Horizontal The Stream, The More The Splash

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Four physicists at Brigham Young University thought it would be interesting to study the uniquely male problem of “backsplash.” They found that when standing at a urinal, the more horizontal the stream the more splash.

How Close You Stand Is Crucial To Keeping Your Wild Stream At Bay

After your pee travels so far in the air, that straight blast starts to break up into droplets. These beads of water cause more splatter than a steady flow because they generate “splash crowns” when they hit a surface, which produce small drips that rain upon you, says study author Tadd Truscott, Ph.D.

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The Trick: Aim Your Pee Stream Closer To The Sides Of The Urinal At A Downward Slant

Your point of attack is critical. Aim your pee stream closer to the sides of the urinal at a downward slant, and you decrease the “impact angle.” (Check out this mesmerizing video to see it in action.) It’s like keeping the foam out of your beer: Pour it down the side of the glass instead of straight in.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Right Way To Use A Urinal

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