These 12 Online Stores Will Deliver Cute & Vintage-Inspired Stationery Within Malaysia

Too pretty to use!

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Whether you're a snail mailer, a bullet journaller, or simply a hoarder, one thing's for sure - you can NEVER have enough stationery

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Here are 12 online stores that will satisfy all your stationery needs without you ever needing to step outside:

1. Smidapaper

Smidapaper houses just about every stationery brand you can think of, covering all your artistic needs and wants. Not only do they supply professional watercolour and calligraphy sets, but hundreds of wooden rubber stamps and whimsical washi tapes to suit any journaling occasion.

As seen on their Instagram, you can even shop for each item used to embellish their own notebooks, right down to the tiniest sticker.

If you're ever in George Town, Penang, you can also check out their store Ikigai Shop, where they frequently hold workshops.

Price range: RM5 onwards.

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Disney 'gacha' erasers.

Image via WRITER/Facebook
Image via WRITER/Facebook
Image via WRITER/Facebook

At WRITER, you will be able to get your hands on many high-quality Japanese and Taiwanese products, including Traveler's Company leather notebooks and intricate LCN stickers and stamps. This store also has some of the quirkiest collectables, such as Disney 'gacha' erasers and embroidered patches.

Aside from the stationery, one of their stores located on Campbell Street - the core zone of Heritage George Town - is truly a sight to behold as it seamlessly blends the old with the new.

Price range: RM4 onwards.

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3. Sumthings of Mine

Specialising in vintage paraphernalia and handcrafted items sourced from overseas, Sumthings of Mine will have you wanting to nostalgically piece together moments of your life in a scrapbook - their stationery has that kind of power! You can spend hours just browsing through their unique calendars and stamps - don't say we didn't warn you.

Price range: RM8 onwards.

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4. Pipit Zakka Store

Founded in 2006, Pipit Zakka Store has spent the last 14 years curating the finest collection of stationery. From pressed flower stickers, to adorable yet functional stamps, and even aesthetically pleasing invoice books, Pipit Zakka Store will cater to your every need. They even have their own practical stamps and brass wax seals.

Price range: RM3 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram  

5. MyPaperProjects

Image via MyPaperProjects

Though their product range is a little more limited, MyPaperProjects definitely has a number of bright and playful items to catch your eye. We especially love their colourful stickers that scream "Girl Power!" and their adorable postcards.

Not to mention, many of their items are priced affordably when compared to other stores on this list.

If you're interested in visiting their physical store and participating in their workshops, you can find them in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Price range: RM2 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

6. Flint & Steel Borneo

Designer lifestyle brand Flint & Steel Borneo was co-founded by twin sisters, Marilyn and Rachel Ang, in December 2015. They create many of their own products, but also house the work of many local artists.

For instance the fully customisable Pei Pa Koa cough syrup notebook is by KATjA as part of their ABC (Australian Born Chinese) collection. As if that is not enough, the store also has many clothes and lifestyle products for you to decorate your home with.

They have a physical store in Kuching, Sarawak, and they feature their items at other stationery shops across Malaysia.

Price range: RM2 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

7. Craftioneries

Craftioneries may seem like they have a limited range, but every item is carefully and individually handcrafted by the store owners. You can get realistic looking bird stickers, bus tickets, and even curated stacks of paper that'll take you back to your school days.

Price range: RM5 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

8. Catdoo

Image via Catdoo/Facebook
Image via Catdoo/Facebook
Image via Catdoo/Facebook

Calling all cat lovers! Based in KL, Catdoo sells handcrafted stamps, cards, and washi tapes featuring their signature sweet-faced cats. These designs are in no way one-dimensional and you'll be sure to find a stationery item starring the 'purrfect' cat for you.

Price range: RM13 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

9. Whimsy Whimsical

Whimsy Whimsical's woodland-inspired paper goods and gifts have us dreaming of running off into the forest. The delicate copper foil detailing found on many of their cards and memo pads truly complements the more muted tones of the prints. They'd be great additions to any desk in need of some sprucing.

Price range: RM6 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

10. Minifanfan

Gee Fan Eng is an illustrator based in Malaysia who founded her label Minifanfan in 2009. Her designs are cheerful and sport the most striking colour palettes. We couldn't help but smile while scrolling through the many cards, badges, and notebooks on display.

You may also recognise Eng for her work in the children's picture book Little People, Big Dreams - Frida Kahlo by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vergara. If that’s more up your alley, you'll be able to occasionally find zines of Eng's artwork for sale.

Price range: RM14 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

11. azreenchan

Azreenchan is a full-time illustrator, part-time designer, and self-proclaimed doodler based in Malaysia. Her charming art style can be seen in every one of her products. Azreenchan's stickers depicting our local culture can be found in certain Malaysian stationery stores, such as Stickerrific.

If you hop on over to her website, you'll see many more original stationery items on offer. There are even stickers perfect for any hardcore Harry Potter or Sailor Moon fan.

Price range: RM5 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

12. BONUS: Kawaii Pen Shop

Now here's a shop that definitely lives up to its name.

We couldn't resist including Kawaii Pen Shop on this list even though it is based outside of Malaysia. One click into their online store and you'll soon find yourself scrolling through an endless stream of the cutest Japanese stationeries. Even basic items like pens are made extra special with fruit or animal designs adorning the caps.

They do more than just pens though!

Price range: RM9 onwards.

Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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