10 Things Married People Wish They Knew Before They Said "I Do"

No ragrets, but if you're single, faster take note!

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Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone can be exciting and pretty nerve-racking

Though you can never be fully prepared for marriage, every couple will inevitably go through the journey of discovering the good and bad about each other.

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We asked several married couples in Malaysia what they didn't know (but thought they should have!) before tying the knot:

1. "I wish I knew about the amount of cleaning I would have to do. Before marriage, I only worried about cleaning my own room." - Amreet, 28, married for 2+ years

2. "I wish I knew, whether I agreed to it or not, that we were gonna get a dog either way." - Aaron, 31, married for 4 years

3. I wish I knew that I'd have to multiply almost every cost by two. Two movie tickets. Two meals. Two flight tickets." - Abhishek, 27, married for 2+ years

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4. "I wish I knew how important good pre-marital counselling is. It takes the stress off one party bringing up difficult topics if there are any, or brings up topics that couples should talk about but don't know they should yet." - Michelle, 32, married for 5+ years

5. "I wish I knew just how involved we would have to be with the in-laws. His family becomes my family." - Melanie, 60, married for 31 years

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6. "I wish I knew that a boyzilian wax wouldn't be that painful but that it'll sting for a few days." - Riyal, 27, married for 17 months

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7. "I wish I knew friends and family might mean well, but there comes a point where it's worth ignoring what everyone else says. Marriage is really just about two people making the life they want together." - John, 33, married for 5+ years

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8. "I wish I knew that my husband would be very calculative with finances for our child's needs, like diapers and milk." - Farah, 27, married for 17 months

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9. "I wish I knew that the first CNY reunion away from home and my immediate family would be hard!" - Judith, 33, married for 4 years

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10. "I wish I knew that if you don't set a schedule for household chores, you end up doing it yourself." - Wei Mae, married for six months

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What are some things you wish you knew before getting married? Let us know in the comments section below!

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