11 Things You Definitely Miss About Malaysia When You're Overseas

Because absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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1. Penang char koay teow is the best

"I certainly miss the food, especially Penang char koay teow. Malaysian food is the best lah. It's soooooo flavourful. I think it's because it's combines the best from each ethnic group, all the spices."

- Nigel, working in New Zealand

2. Malaysia has some really pretty waterfalls

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"I miss the waterfalls in Malaysia. We have so many beautiful waterfalls that we can swim in. Can't find any where I am now :("

- Sam, working in Singapore

3. Being able to find food at anytime of the day (or night)

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"I live in Geneva so most restaurants close by 10pm... so how to yum cha? T_T And I really miss lok lok trucks."

- Adrian, working in Switzerland

4. "I miss my car so much..."

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"MY CAR. Being able to drive around and not having to wait for the bus or tram."

- Amanda, studying in Australia

5. Taking turns to pay for the meal

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"When I'm out with my friends in Malaysia, we'll take turns paying for the food. That doesn't happen in London. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, it's just that I miss that habit."

- Mindy, studying in the UK

6. "I miss my mum, her cooking... and maybe her nagging?"

"I think we can all agree that our mum's cooking is always the best. And the nagging part... it gets too quiet sometimes, you know?"

- Shen, working in Canada

7. You can use words from four different languages in one sentence and STILL MAKE SENSE

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"I don't think there are many countries where the locals can mix four languages in one sentence AND MAKE SENSE. I missed just being comfortable speaking Manglish and using Malaysian expressions only we understand."

- Sunitra, working in Thailand

8. Everyone is your 'uncle', 'aunty', 'annae'

"I miss the people you see every day and the Malaysian way of interaction. We are a warm country, not just the weather but the people in it as well. Like everyone is family. I'm still not used to calling my friends' parents by their names here."

- Dickson, working in UK

9. Spicy food that will burn your tongue

"SPICY FOOD. I love super spicy food but it's so difficult to find food that's spicy enough in Sydney, ok?"

- Gwen, working in Australia

10. The weather - it's sunny or rainy, no in between

"Ok not everyone agrees with me but the weather in Malaysia is wayyyyy better than in Australia. At least it's predictable, unlike in Melbourne - it's super bright and sunny when you go out but five minutes later got thunderstorm... and then it might start hailing too."

- Gabriel, studying in Australia

11. So. Many. Public holidays.

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"All the public holidays and long weekends in Malaysia. The struggle is real here."

- Sonul, working in USA

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