6 Things To Do & Places To Stay In Kuala Kubu Bharu For Thrill Seekers & Nature-Lovers

A getaway for pure tranquility and serenity.

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KL is a beautiful city with aesthetically-pleasing cafés, vibrant bars, and spacious parks.

However, working and living in the capital can be exhausting due to a constant barrage of loud noises and bright lights.

If you're looking to escape city life but don't want to drive for long hours from KL, Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) is the ideal location for you to visit as it's only about an hour away.

Whether you enjoy adventurous activities or simply want to relax in nature, we've compiled a list of the best things to do in KKB.

Bukit Kutu, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

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1. Enjoy the view of the Selangor River as you glide through the sky at Adren X Park

Ziplining, also known as flying fox, is an extreme activity that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. The adrenaline rush you feel as you glide through the sky and see the world below can be liberating, especially if you're stuck at a desk all day.

At Adren X Park, you can fly 60 metres above the ground while admiring the beautiful Selangor River. Travelling through the ropes promises a satisfying view, with lush greenery, blue waters, and fluffy white clouds above.

Ticket price:
Adult - RM25
Children - RM20

Yellow Cabin,
Jalan 55, KKB - Fraser,
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Operating hours:
10am - 6.30pm (Thursday - Monday)

Instagram | Facebook

Book a reservation here.

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2. Detoxify and relish in the cool breeze of Chiling Waterfall

According to Visit Selangor, this cascading torrent is hailed as Selangor's most beautiful waterfall, and it definitely deserves the title.

To get to the dazzling waterfall, visitors will be guided on a short jungle trekking path where they will get to see exotic plants like wild orchids and bamboo. For this part of the trip, it is recommended that you put on comfortable shoes because you will pass through various streams and rivers.

Once you reach the end of the hike, you will be greeted with a breathtaking 80-meter waterfall.

Ticket price:

Chiling Waterfalls
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Operating hours:
9am - 6pm (Saturday and Sunday)
Closed on Monday to Friday.

To find out more information, call +603-6064 1214.

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3. Spend your night surrounded by lush green trees at The Senja

If you want to spend the night away from the city or recharge your energy, this "santai-free" villa is ideal for you and your loved ones to relax.

Surrounded by a private forest reserve and a mountain range, The Senja offers a calming atmosphere while you sit, unwind, and talk with your dearest.

Image via Airbnb

Additionally, the entire villa is made up of glass windows, allowing you to wake up to spectacular views.

A barbecue pit is also provided at the villa to ensure that guests can cook something warm and cosy during their stay.

The villa has six single beds and two bedrooms, with each room having an air-conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable at all times.

Kampung Tun Abdul Razak,
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Book your stay for RM636 per night at The Senja here.

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4. Fly like a bird at KKB Paragliding Park

Founded in 2014, KKB Paragliding Park is a haven for those who want to truly experience flying.

This park in KKB offers tandem paragliding, where visitors will fly from 1,400ft above the ground with a pilot who will guide them through their flying experience.

Image via Ticket2u

The paragliding activity will last about five to 10 minutes, and the pilot will be in charge of your safety from the moment you take off to the moment you land. This means you will be able to sit back and take in the scenery of your surrounding.

They also provide a GoPro camera for you to record your journey, and the footage is transferred to your phone as soon as you land, removing the need to bring your own equipment.

Ticket price:
RM280 per person for three to five pax (price differs if you bring more people)

Taman Millenium Sports Complex,
Jalan Ampang Pechah,
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Operating hours:
9am - 5pm (Daily)

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Book a tandem paragliding slot via WhatsApp at +6019-431 1737.

Image via Ticket2u

5. Take a deep breath and assemble your team for an unforgettable adventure at Whitewater Rafting KKB

If you're travelling with a group of friends and want to put their teamwork skills to the test, this whitewater rafting activity is a must-do. Swerving through tides and rocks, Whitewater Rafting KKB will undoubtedly strengthen your bond with your besties by the end of the adventure.

This group exercise will have you paddling for 8km through the Hulu Selangor River until you reach the finish line. A professional will also guide you in your inflatable boat, so don't fear if this is your first time trying this extreme sport.

Ticket price:
RM175 per person for five pax (package includes lunch and equipment)

Xventure Mind Whitewater Rafting,
Jalan Kampung Gerachi,
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Operating hours:
9am - 4pm (Daily)

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Call +6012-465 3307 to book a reservation.

6. Enjoy the tropical atmosphere while you unwind at Sarang By The Brook

This one-of-a-kind sojourn stands out from the crowd, as guests will get to sleep inside shipping containers.

Sarang By The Brook is decorated in a tropical style, with a large pool in the centre of the property to complete the aesthetic.

To make your stay more enjoyable, the employees will also serve you nasi lemak bungkus for breakfast, as well as bottomless toasts 24 hours a day.

Image via KKday

If you want a hassle-free travel experience, Sarang By The Brook can help you book a reservation for some fun activities you can do with your loved ones.

Activities they offer to book on your behalf include white water rafting, night jungle trekking, highland trekking, and many more.

Sarang By The Brook,
Jalan Seruling 20,
44000, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor

Website | Instagram | Facebook

Book your stay at Sarang By The Brook here.

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Whether you're planning to travel with friends, family, or by yourself, make sure to put KKB on your travel list

The activities and accommodations listed above will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience that you will get to share with your loved ones.

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