This PJ Group Is Rescuing Strays & Finding Them New Homes. Here's How You Can Help

They also need donations for pet food and toys.

Cover image via Damansara Perdana Strays Rescue (Provided to SAYS)

A team of independent volunteers in Petaling Jaya is looking for loving homes for dogs and cats that are rescued off the streets

With the increase of developments in Damansara Perdana area, many of these strays have been forced to leave their natural habitat and are often subject to abuse on the streets.

Damansara Perdana Strays Rescue is made up of a handful of residents, who each hold full-time jobs, but spend any additional time they have to help strays in their community.

One of their rescue cats named Kuro is waiting for someone to adopt it.

Image via Damansara Perdana Strays Rescue (Provided to SAYS)

All animals rescued are put up for adoption based on their ability to be rehabilitated into home pets

The pets are temporarily fostered by a few volunteers or the group pays for pet boarding while looking for homes for them.

Due to a limited number of fosterers, some strays can only be neutered or spayed before being released back on the streets.

The group seeks help and advice from a couple of independent animal shelters, like UnderOneWoof and MunMun Furry Sanctuary.

They also work with non-profit organisations like Voice for Paws and My Forever Doggo. All of which encourage the public to adopt instead of shop for animals. 

The group ensures that the animals are healthy before they rehome them.

Image via Damansara Perdana Strays Rescue (Provided to SAYS)

To home one of these sweet dogs or cats, all you'll need to do is go through an interview questionnaire before signing an adoption agreement

Even if you're unable to adopt a pet right now, you can still contribute by donating pet food, toys, or volunteer to help the group in any way you can.

A fundraising event recently organised by Tammy Lim and a plant group managed to raise RM2,000 for the group.

Image via Tammy Lim (Provided to SAYS)

Aside from pet food donations and toys, you can offer monetary donations. They recently set up a fundraising campaign here.

For other donations, reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have leftover food from events, this project will help to collect and donate it to stray animals:

Here are other ways to give back to the community:

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