You Can Now Enjoy A Refreshing Ice Cold Tiger Crystal At Only RM13

It's the perfect way to cool down in this hot weather!

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Nothing feels better than drinking an ice cold beer in the blistering Malaysian heat

Just imagine picking up a Tiger Crystal and seeing the beautiful pale gold lager within the clear glass bottle. Not only does it look stunning, this crystal-cold and easy-to-drink beer is the ultimate refreshment to cool down in the hot weather.

Tiger Beer launched Tiger Crystal last year, wanting to provide Malaysians a smooth yet full-flavoured beer

Tiger Crystal is a light, premium tasting beer that's perfect for any occasion, be it with friends, colleagues, or just to unwind at home after a long day at work. The 4.2% ABV pale gold lager also has a subtle, crisp taste that fans will enjoy.

One unique difference of Tiger Crystal is that it's made using light-stable hops, giving it a rounder flavour that's less bitter

Hops are a key ingredient in beer, helping to create foam, preserve the beer, and also give the beer its distinct taste. However, one of the main reasons people stay away from beer is because of the bitterness.

Thanks to the light-stable hops, Tiger Crystal lets you enjoy all the flavours of the beer minus its bitterness.

The coolest thing about Tiger Crystal is that it's crystal cold filtered at -1ºC to lock in the most desirable aromas

Tiger Crystal is made using all natural ingredients and a special -1°C crystal cold filtration process that preserves and enhances the pleasing aromas. This results in a pale gold lager that's oh-so-smooth and packed with distinct tasting notes.

For a limited time only, you can get a 600ml bottle of Tiger Crystal for just RM13 at selected coffee shops, food courts, and restaurants

Check out all the outlets with this promotion today

This promotion is available nationwide, so get it while stocks last! Find out more by following Tiger Beer on Facebook or Instagram.

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