This 3-In-1 Lip Colour, Eyeshadow, And Blush Is Made From Honey-Based Ingredients

It comes in four different gorgeous shades!

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Are you looking for easy, versatile makeup to make your lewks pop? We've got just the thing for you ;)

This homegrown brand has a new 3-in-1 makeup product that can be used as matte lip colour, eyeshadow, and blush

Ratasya Cosmetics is a local cosmetic brand founded by famous Malaysian singer, Siti Sarah Raissuddin.

Their latest release is named Bee Edition. It is made from honey-based ingredients as well as other safe ingredients, and does not contain any parabens. With four different gorgeous shades, it's perfect for all ages.

The shades are adorably named after different types of honey. They come in cute, colourful sets that contain two shades each.

1. Cerana Set (contains the shades Manuka and Kelulut)

2. Dorsata Set (contains the shades Acacia and Yemen)

The honey-based ingredients mean that Bee Edition is great for moisturising your lips, especially if they're often dry and chapped

The honey extract in it helps to keep your lips healthy and hydrated, while the inclusion of honeycomb further helps to soften lips that are dry and peeling. Plus, it even contains royal jelly extract, which immediately moistens lips.

With all this and more, Bee Edition will definitely keep your lips looking and feeling soft and luscious! And don't forget that you can also use it as eyeshadow or blush.

Bee Edition is long-lasting and its smooth texture feels light on your lips

It won't dry out or blacken your lips, instead gently keeping them moisturised. It's even been approved by the Ministry of Health. Best of all, it's affordable and easy to carry around wherever you go, so you can always keep it on hand for touch-ups.

It normally retails at RM58 per set, but you can currently get one at a promo price of only RM37. Grab a set and try Bee Edition for yourself today!

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