TIGER: The Complete Zodiac Reading For 2024 Including Health, Wealth, Career & Love

Your wealth and love fortune will stand out among other aspects of your life.

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Tigers will have a relatively good year in 2024, ranking seventh in the zodiac

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Your wealth and love fortune will stand out among other aspects of your life.

Auspicious stars:

Thriving (禄勋): The star symbolises recognition and approval in the workplace. You'll receive acknowledgment from superiors, colleagues, or clients. This will likely increase your income due to your outstanding performance.

Sky Horse (驿马): This star indicates that it's a good year to change jobs, relocate, or go on business trips. This will bring you both challenges and opportunities for growth.

Eight Seats (八座): This star will bring stability to your life, but you're advised against being too blunt while talking to people. You must consider other people's feelings to avoid any unwanted disputes.

Inauspicious stars:
Sky Cry (天哭): This star will make you more sensitive to certain emotions. You're advised to surround yourself with people with positive energy and address problems proactively to avoid emotional distress.

Diao Ke (吊客): This star serves as a reminder that you need to be more cautious of your safety during outdoor activities or travels.

Overall Fortune: 70%

Wealth Fortune: 80%
The Thriving Star will bestow you opportunities, allowing you to showcase your abilities. You must maintain a positive attitude and continuously improve yourself to increase your income and performance.

Health Fortune: 60%
The Sky Horse Star recommends you to travel frequently, but you must take care of yourself during your trips. You must avoid unhealthy eating habits, and practise caution during risky activities.

Career Fortune: 60%
You may get recognised for your hard work at your workplace, but you cannot be complacent. You should utilise your auspicious energy to consistently improve yourself and enhance your problem-solving abilities.

Love Fortune: 80%
The Eight Seats Star will bless you with 'stable' energy in your romantic relationship, but you're advised against being too blunt while talking to your partner. You must consider your partner's feelings to ensure a year with fewer conflicts.

To usher in the Year of the Wood Dragon, we worked with renowned feng shui master Louis Loh to share this year's fresh predictions for each zodiac sign

With over 600,000 followers on Facebook, Loh runs a feng shui consulting company that offers services such as residential and commercial feng shui reading, adult and baby naming, and auspicious wedding date selection, among others.

He has worked with many prominent brands, including Maybank, Mah Sing, S P Setia, EcoWorld, and Mercedes-Benz. He has also been featured on SAYS, the New Straits Times, Nasdaq, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, as well as on 8TV, TV3, and One FM.

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