Look Out For The Hilarious Modern Twists In TNB's CNY Short Film. You'll Confirm Giggle

Another epic short film by TNB, this story reimagines the legend of Nian with humour and a heart-warming message.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is back with another epic short film to spark festive cheer for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations—Nian-tastic New Start!

Inspired by the classic action-comedies we usually enjoy during CNY, this special cinematic experience will definitely brighten this festive season. Through the film, TNB hopes to inspire Malaysians to greet the new year and face incoming challenges with joy and togetherness.

Putting a slight twist on the familiar Chinese legend, Nian-tastic New Start tells the story of a group of frightened neighbours, whose village is being terrorised by Nian, an ancient, ferocious monster.

Watch it below:

Directed by award-winning film director Quek Shio Chuan, the film reimagines the legend of Nian in an entertaining new way.

Filled with amazing stunts and fun antics, the film also features hilarious modern twists in a period drama setting.

Believing that a wise master holds the secret to defeating Nian and returning peace and prosperity to their village, the villagers go on an adventure to seek him out in his hidden cave

Eh, cave also must follow SOPs before entering okay. Dun play play!

Villager 1: "I didn't bring phone, how?"

Villager 2: "No phone then write down lah!"

Scanner: "No fever. No fever. No fever. Not human."

Pssst, no one tell them that the master dun really know what to do either, oki? Hehe ;)

Kesiannn the master, cave no signal. Sed.

But issokai, he manages to teach them how to scare off Nian—with red colours, loud sounds, and bright lights

It is said that this is the reason for many CNY traditions. This includes wearing red, having cheerful family reunions, making noise from the loud beating of drums, decorating houses with bright lanterns, and more. All in an effort to prevent the return of Nian.

Villagers: "Red, bright, loud, chases Nian away! Red, bright, loud, chases Nian away! Red is the colour that keeps darkness away. Bright lights are the silver linings here to stay. Gongs and drums bring joy and fun."

Turns out, the villagers didn't even need the master. Actually, they had the power to defeat the evil Nian and restore peace to their village all along!

Villager: Thank you for your secret technique!

Master: Actually, it's no secret. You only needed to spread joy and good energy. With that, we can overcome any challenges together!

You can head over to TNB's social media accounts to spot some cool Easter eggs

There are Character Cards available on TNB's Facebook that'll allow you to learn more about the characters in the film.

Even the master from the film has his own Instagram account, you know. As in the character, not the actor, teehee! His account name is @CaveMaster88, so make sure to go follow him.

By the way, did y'all spot this fun cameo in the film?

The man pictured above is actually Soh Wai Ching, a TNB-sponsored Guinness World Records record-holder. He broke the world record for the Greatest Vertical Height Stair Climbing in One Hour (Male).

In the film, he plays a super-fast runner who tries to find the master, but ends up going in the wrong direction, hahaha!

Don't forget to subscribe to TNB's YouTube channel, Tenaga Official, to watch not only Nian-tastic New Start, but all their other entertaining festive videos too!

All filming production for Nian-tastic New Start was completed right before MCO 2.0, with strict SOPs whilst adhering to all rules.

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