TNB's Hilarious Raya Ad Will Make You Crave Tart Nanas & Want A Jiwang Karaoke Sesh

As usual, it'll keep you entertained from start to finish :D

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We all know TNB has a knack for producing memorable festive films, right? This year is no exception, as they are bringing back iconic characters for their Raya 2021 film!

Remember Aida from TNB's previous films? She first appeared in their Dugaan Raya Aida in 2017, and had a cameo in Rumah Epik Fantastik 2018 and Reality Not Virtual 2020. Due to popular demand, Aida is making a comeback this year in Hikmah Raya Aida! :D

So, what can you expect from TNB's Raya film this year? While it has those hilarious moments that will surely tickle your funny bone, it also touches on important matters such as the meaning of family, and that behind every challenge we face in life, ada hikmah sebaliknya. :)  

After the events of Dugaan Raya Aida, this story follows Aida's new venture as a Raya cookie entrepreneur!

Watch it below:

While in the previous story Aida stayed separately from her family, they are now staying together! We get a glimpse of them in the beginning as they try to spend time with Aida, even though she's transfixed on her work.

It's clear that Aida is super successful in her business, as she receives a massive order for 40 jars of pineapple tarts, wah!

Che wahh, got interview and featured in a magazine somemore. You go, girl! 

But then... jeng jeng! Disaster strikes, which spells bad news for Aida's cookie business :O

Kesiann Aida, can't seem to catch a break in these films. Now her fellow workers have to leave, and the cookie business she worked so hard to achieve is no more. How la liddis?

And get this, she's so sad until the scene tiba-tiba turns into a local 90s music video!

Soooo dramatic la Aida ni. We can't help but chuckle at this parody, hehe.

It gets better though! As Aida spends more time with her mum and sisters during their Raya preparations at home, she realises that family should always come first, no matter what. :')

Aww, Aida seeking forgiveness from her mum is truly heartwarming. It really shows that even during tough times, there's still happiness and joy to be found when you are surrounded by the ones you love. 

Speaking of loved ones, Jero plays a very special, secret role in this film. ;) Watch the whole thing till the end to see what he's up to!

In need of more Jero-related content? Check out more updates on this fluffy feline by heading to TNB's official Instagram account! Faster go and show him some love, k? :)

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