14 Hari Kebangsaan Ads You Confirm Wanna Check Out For All The Feels & Giggles

Brb, getting some tissues.

Cover image via TENAGAOfficial (YouTube) & Farm Fresh Dairy Produce (YouTube)

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Note: This list is in no particular order

1. Digi's tear-jerking video shows the perspectives of primary school children who witness their parents' struggles and perseverance

Category: Emotional | Touching

With classrooms empty and schools no longer in session, a group of primary school children share how much they miss their friends and teachers. At the same time, by staying at home, we see how these children learn about the value of compassion, through their parents' willingness to help others in need, despite their struggles. Ahhh, does anyone have tissues? T.T 

2. Through a compilation of real-life interviews with Malaysians, Axiata encourages us to rise up, band together, and lend a helping hand to each other

Category: Inspiring | Touching

The video features Malaysians from all walks of life taking it upon themselves to provide aid to and help out those in need during these challenging times. We get to witness how these Malaysians rise up to the challenge and also what motivated them to help the less fortunate – regardless of colour, gender, or religion.

3. Knowing just how challenging the MCO has been, Watsons shares how they reach out to those in need through their CSR initiative

Category: Inspiring 

Through video clips and photos, we get to see the many ways Watsons help various families and institutions, from donating daily essentials to providing packed meals. With their campaign tagline – Look Good, Do Good, Feel Great – many Malaysians even shared touching and sweet messages for our country! <3 

4. Gamuda Land's eye-opening film will make you wanna DM your friends and family to check in on them T.T

Category: Touching | Emotional

With just three simple words, Gamuda Land shares how impactful it can be to ask someone how they're doing.

In this short film, Daniel's friends and followers send him wishes and gifts to make his birthday super special. Little do they know that behind his positive and cheerful front, Daniel is actually overwhelmed with guilt for feeling empty and sad. When a friend shows her concern for his wellbeing, he finally opens up.

5. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) celebrates a group of unsung heroes through this cute, inspiring animation

Category: Touching | Feel-Good | Inspiring

Through unique illustrations, the film depicts the stories of four Malaysians who go out of their way to help others get through these difficult times. From building an app for SPM students, to cooking up a feast to distribute to the needy every day, TNB's heartfelt video will remind you of what it truly means to be Malaysian. 

6. Prepare to giggle as you watch Farm Fresh's comical take on what could have happened to us if our country didn't achieve independence

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Inspiring

What's the real meaning behind Hari Kebangsaan? Farm Fresh's video tells us that only by understanding the purpose of our country's independence, can we truly embrace the Hari Kebangsaan spirit and celebrate our identity as Malaysians. 

7. Based on a true story, this short film by Etiqa showcases neighbours who find heartwarming ways to keep in touch with one another while staying at home

Category: Funny | Dramatic | Family 

In a quiet neighbourhood, Aunty Chen and Abang Chandran are peacefully going about their day, but are soon interrupted by their neighbour, Ali, who seems to be running a terrible cold. Concerned, the neighbours deliver care packages to Ali, before getting on a video call with him to find out what's wrong. 

8. MILO reminds us that we should always stay hopeful – as difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

Category: Feel-good | Inspirational 

In the video, we get to witness how much MILO has changed over the years, from their logo, to their packaging, and even their MILO truck. 

In addition to that, the video also sends an important message using our country's classic slogan – Malaysia Boleh – showing us how generations of Malaysians have been overcoming hardships together. In spite of it all, MILO also reminds us that it's important to find a pillar of strength, whether it's through family, friends, or even hope. 

9. Yoodo's Bila Larut Lockdown tells the hilarious yet heartwarming story of a man who realises his imagination is running wild when he begins to talk to his perabot

Category: Feel-good | Funny | Dramatic 

Knowing all too well that times have been emotionally challenging, Chong checks in on his friend's wellbeing, but ends up getting reprimanded for being annoying. The friend then engages on an imaginative and hilarious heart-to-heart talk with his furniture and household appliances, causing him to realise that he's actually not doing okay. 

10. Maxis tells us that behind every hero is a whole nation of heroes, constantly rooting and cheering for each other

Category: Inspiring

Centred on doing good deeds and spreading joy and positivity, the film focuses on a group of innovative and passionate Malaysians who helped drive change for the nation, with the support from people from all walks of life. No matter what action one may take, big or small, it can spark a chain reaction of the same. 

11. In #AnakAnakMalaysia: Silver Lining, businesswoman Nurul Atiqah shares her inspiring journey, from being a new mother to kickstarting a successful business

Category: Inspiring | Touching 

Comprising three different episodes, this Hari Kebangsaan, Ecoworld seeks to encourage and uplift our rakyat by featuring unique and inspiring Malaysians. In the first episode, we see Nurul Atiqah, who pushes through her setbacks and remained courageous and positive throughout the pandemic, ultimately allowing her to become the founder of The PASTA Kitchen. 

Check out Ecoworld's second episode here. Meanwhile, make sure to stay tuned to the final episode on 31 August! 

12. In a short yet informative video, Chek Hup beautifully tells us the history of teh tarik, our favourite tea-time drink

Category: Inspiring | History 

While busy colouring, Aiman hears his grandfather slurping a hot cup of teh tarik. Unfamiliar with the staple beverage, Aiman listens to his grandfather's thrilling story of the drink's background and learns how to make the perfect cup of teh tarik. <3 

13. Saji's Gelora reminds us that there's always a different story behind every person

Category: Touching | Inspiring

After getting retrenched and his car repossessed, Azli continues to struggle to earn a living with his new laksa business. Despite his setbacks, he loves spreading joy and positivity via social media. But when a friend starts to make rude assumptions about his livelihood, Azli loses his cool. 

14. Lalamove's short yet meaningful video pays tribute to the delivery riders who play an essential role in our daily lives, while we continue to stay at home

Category: Touching | Inspiring

The video educates about how Hari Kebangsaan is more than just a public holiday and waving the Jalur Gemilang. It's also about showing appreciation to our frontliners – doctors, nurses, delivery riders, police, army officers, and so many more – who work tirelessly day and night for our country, and most importantly, our safety. 

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