9 Types Of People You Probably Work With Every Day Who May Or May Not Improve Your Life

Which one are you? ;)

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If you work in an office, you probably see a variety of personality types all the time

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You may click with some, you may clash with others. Some may motivate you, while others are just a distraction.

But if there's one thing that will keep you happy and productive, it's the Samsung Galaxy Note10.

In partnership with Samsung, let's take a look at the 9 types of people you work with every day:

1. The Mama - semangat to plan team bonding activities and looks after everyone

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  • Always sends out positive text message blasts to the team
  • Shares motivational pictures on social media
  • Could be a man or woman, old or young, has kids or no kids, still 100% "Mama"

2. The Kancheong Fella - perpetually confused yet manages to produce awesome work at the last minute

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  • Brilliant mind, messy desk
  • Goes around the office asking, ‘Can I borrow your charger?’ at least twice a week
  • Never really knows what's going on

3. The OOTD fashionista - has a big personality to go with their bold poses

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  • Knows all the best spots in the office for that perfect shot
  • Uses the 'Pro' camera function on their phone
  • Gets teased for being an "influencer," but when people need help taking nice photos, who do they ask???

4. The Goody Two-Shoes - the nerdy teammate who helps you with work, while you help them with... life

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  • Is the first to arrive at the office
  • Works efficiently and is super organised 
  • Has an app for everything

5. The Tai Chi Master - loves to organise big meetings for things that could be settled in one email

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  • Expert in delegating tasks to everyone but themselves
  • Constantly loops people into email threads with little to no explanation
  • Spends most of their time playing games and watching YouTube

6. The Documentarian - constantly recording things on their phone and has the most entertaining Insta-stories

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  • Takes videos of everything that happens in the office
  • Edits, adds stickers, uploads on every available platform
  • Will make you famous online for your mistakes

7. The Bawang - gossip queen lah, what else?

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  • Part of multiple secret office Whatsapp groups
  • Somehow knows everything before you do
  • Lepak with this fella and you're guaranteed to have a good time

8. The Bodek - says all the right things at the right time, and has a 'come-slap-me' face

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  • Excessively compliments people 
  • 'Likes' and shares every Facebook post from the boss
  • You can lepak in the office together, but will never meet up in real life

9. The Hantu - works for months or years in the same office, yet is almost invisible

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  • Stays silent in all group chats but definitely reads everything
  • No one notices when they're around, and no one notices when they're gone
  • The whole office has no idea what they actually do

So how many of these amazing people improve your work and daily life? :P

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To make office life a little easier (and whole lot more fun), the Samsung Galaxy Note10 is here to revolutionise your work day

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